Tis the Season…for Mice in Your Attic

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Wild mouse, in front of white background, studio shotAs you climb up to the attic to get your holiday decorations, keep an eye out. No, not for that box you can’t seem to find even though you know you had it last year, but for something even more troubling. Keep an eye out for signs of mice in your attic.

Short of opening a box of tinsel and seeing a family of mice, you’re going to have to have a keen eye to find mice in the attic. Unlike the normal signs you have a mouse problem, in the attic you could notice slightly different signs.

mice droppings in insulationMost people do not store food in the attic, so finding boxes that are chewed open is unlikely. Unless there is a major infestation, you’re probably not going to find many mouse droppings, unless they’ve settled into that box of wrapping paper. But like we said, if you have a major rodent problem, you may see some droppings.

mouse tunnel in insulationOne of the things you should look for to tell if you have mice in the attic is tunneling, especially if you have blown-insulation. Mice will often tunnel in these materials and even get behind typical fiberglass insulation to provide a warm nesting place. Mice are timid, so any time they can obscure their whereabouts they will do so. That’s why blown insulation is a hot spot for spotting mice signs. If you see some of it freshly disturbed inspect it for tunnels.

If you’re up in the attic making a lot of noise yourself, you’re not going to hear mice. They will freeze still when they detect your presence. However, pay attention to any strange sounds you may hear coming from the ceiling or walls bordering your attic. Mice will often sound like a very faint pitter-patter or quiet tapping.

Finally, look for signs of entry. There may be even the smallest hole where mice have gotten into your house. Think like a mouse and look all around your attic for spots they may have gotten in. Even if you don’t have problem with mice, preventing mice from getting into your house is a proactive approach that could save you aggravation and money in the long run by taking a few simple steps.

142_Quality Pro LogoIf you do find signs of mice activity it’s time to make a plan for rodent control. Finding a pest management company (or mouse exterminator in old terminology) that can address your mouse control needs is important. These trained professionals know how to get rid of mice from a home or commercial space quicker and more effectively than you will. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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