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Lawn Topdressing Services in Lancaster, Harrisburg, & Surrounding Areas

Professional Lawn Care Service for Your Home

Topdressing is the application of a soil and compost mixture to the surface of a lawn to improve soil conditions and lawn health. A lawn is only as good as the soil it’s growing in. A lawn or athletic field that is rich in organic matter and has good soil composition will be healthier. Beautiful lawns will have at least 7″-12″ of topsoil. This ideal condition allows grass plants to grow roots deep into the soil which is critical to help them withstand drought stress. Likewise, because this soil is well-drained, the roots will not decompose in water-logged situations, but continue to develop. Topdressing a turf area that has weak soil will improve your soil and help to grow a better lawn. If your lawn or athletic field is marginal, topdressing is one thing you can do to make it look extraordinary.

Topdressing Services

Benefits of Topdressing Lawns

  • Increased Organic Matter in Soil
  • Improved Drainage
  • Improved Lawn Color
  • Improved Lawn Health
Benefits of Topdressing Lawns
Lawn Topdressing Services in Lancaster & Harrisburg, PA

Residential and Commercial Topdressing Service

For decades, we have helped dozens of school districts here in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding Central PA area to keep their athletic fields looking great with topdressing services as well as other regular lawn maintenance operations. We also have the capability to provide these topdressing services for most residential and commercial properties with a smaller topdresser if the grade is slight and site access is available. Topdressing is enhanced by adding it immediately after a core aeration, and along with over-seeding. If you are interested in improving your lawn or athletic fields’ natural turf conditions, consider topdressing once or twice a year. The cost is very affordable and will make a huge impact on your turf’s health and appearance.

"You do good, good work. Everyone compliments me on my lawn. I am so proud. Thank you."

Julia G.  |   Harrisburg, PA

"The lawn is great! All my years (71 now) at my parents', the places my wife and I have lived, and now at our current home, we never had a lawn that looks like ours does now. It is healthy and strong. I really appreciate you doing that for us."

Bruce F.  |   Lancaster, PA

"We feel our lawn looks the best ever since we switched to Tomlinson Bomberger."

Anna M.  |   Lancaster, PA

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