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Spotted Lanternfly Outbreak

This invasive pest comes from Asia, and has no natural predators here. If you’re looking for more information, please click here.

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Tomlinson Bomberger is an award-winning pest control and extermination company serving homeowners and commercial properties in Central Pennsylvania. Our pest control services are designed to give you protection from the most common pests that pose nuisance, health concerns, and damage to your property. Our trained, certified pest control technicians can safely and conveniently inspect and service your property to address your pest concerns. From managing pests at your home or maintaining the largest of commercial properties, we aim to provide award-winning results as you trust our experienced and friendly pest control experts.

Pest Control Inspection & Consultation

There are hundreds of common pests you may encounter. Whether it be insects, spiders, and/or rodents, our staff is highly trained in identifying what pest solutions you may need. Our team will thoroughly inspect your property to look for pest activity and damage and give recommendations for any changes you may make to more effectively keep pests away.

No matter if it’s maintaining a pest-free home or commercial property, or getting rid of sudden infestations of termites, bed bugs, or other pests, our staff will guide you through the options that are best for you. Your complete satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will be happy to discuss whatever questions or concerns you may have about the preparation and execution of your pest management services.

Pest Control Inspection & Consultation

Quarterly Pest

Control Program

What Pests are Covered

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Stink Bugs
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Silverfish
  • Hornets
  • Mice
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Wasps
  • Crickets
  • Pantry Pests
  • Boxelder Bugs
  • Voles
  • Rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Bees

Quarterly Pest Control Program

Have an immediate pest control problem or concern and need help fast? Or do you already know how regular, proactive pest control service visits can help to manage pests before they invade your home or commercial building. Our Quarterly Pest Control Program provides regular treatments to exterminate pests and keep them out of your home.

When you choose our Quarterly Pest Control Program, you can rest assured our goal is providing you with solutions to your pest control issues. While some pests are easily and quickly controlled, other may take repeated efforts to manage. Our program is designed to control and manage these pests and if they return to your home or business in between scheduled visits, we will return at no charge.

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A Safer Approach to Pest Control

The first time we visit your home or business, we would like to gain access to the inside of your structure. Our main intention is to inspect interior areas and apply control materials only where absolutely necessary. The majority of materials are applied to the exterior of your residential or commercial structure to prevent problems from moving to the inside. After that initial visit, our goal is to only treat on the interior of your structure during the winter visit. However, if you have any pest issues arise inside, we are happy to come inside to remedy the situation as needed. As with any approach, there are other service options we provide depending on your properties specific needs. Our trained account managers and staff are available to assist you with any questions that may arise.

A Safer Approach to Pest Control
Award-Winning Expert Service

Award-Winning Expert Service

All Tomlinson Bomberger Pest Control technicians are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to perform pest management services at your home and on your property. In addition, our company and all of our technicians are Quality Pro Certified which is another mark of excellence in the pest management industry. Tomlinson Bomberger is a long-time member of both NPMA (National Pest Management Association) as well as PPMA (Pennsylvania Pest Management Association). Our company also employs an Associate Certified Entomologist on staff. Our company settles for nothing less than excellence.

"After having a very bad mosquito problem for a few years we hired Tomlinson Bomberger take care of the problem. Our kids were getting bitten even during the daytime! We saw a huge improvement which enabled us to enjoy the outdoor space that we love."

Michael S.  |   Lancaster, PA

"Your pest control technician has been providing pest control services for us for 6 years. We sincerely appreciate the services he has provided, including the fact that he is always concerned that we are satisfied with the results. He is friendly, sincere, and a credit to your company. Having been in the services business during my career, I appreciate his attitude."

Ed R.  |   Lancaster, PA

"I'd like to say how much I was impressed on the first visit and application of pest control. I think the applicator did a fine job and explained what he was doing. I’m looking forward to doing business in the future. I'm impressed with the tapes and traps instead of all the sprays inside the house. Thanks again for a good job."

John G.  |   Mount Joy, PA

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