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Plant Growth Regulator

Have a Healthier Lawn With Less Mowing

Once your lawn emerges from its winter dormancy, your grass will begin to grow. You may soon find yourself mowing it multiple times a week.

Lawn mowing often takes time away from your family and other activities you’d rather be doing.

Reduce Your Mowing Time? Why Not!

Importance of mowing your lawn

With our Plant Growth Regulator Program, you will be able to reduce your mowing time by up to 50%. The PGR product can be applied to your lawn three times- twice in the Spring and once in the Fall.

How It Works:

Slows Vertical Grass Growth: Reduced mowing by up to 50% (More free time to enjoy!)

Stimulates Lateral Growth: Helps to create a thicker, more dense lawn.

Increases Weed Resistance: A thicker, denser lawn is more resistant to weeds


Lawn Care

Is this treatment safe for children and pets?

After applying the Plant Growth Regulator, the product requires time to work its way into the grass blades. Depending on the temperatures, usually, it is about two hours for this to occur. Once the grass blades absorb the product, your lawn is safe for your children and pets.

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Marcy Risberg

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Kim Madara

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