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5 Ways to Tell if You Have a Mouse Problem

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You can’t blame them. If you were stuck outside in the winter cold, with little to eat, you’d try to get into a warm, well-stocked home!

Mice may seem cute when you see them running in their little cages at the pet store, but let to roam free in a house, they can not only make a mess, but spread disease, germs, and filth. These critters are sneaky and can go months without actually being spotted first-hand. You may thing you have “A” mouse, but it’s most likely is a growing mouse population in your walls, attic, basements, and beyond. You may be hoping that you’re wrong, but here are some tell tale signs you have a mouse problem.

5 Ways to Tell if you have a Mouse Problem

  1. You Notice Food Debris. mouse in cookiesMice chew their way into their food. Homeowners will often find holes in the bottom of dog food, bird seed, and pantry containers. At times, the chew pattern shows obvious teeth marks. Surrounding the container you’ll see crumbs, empty seed hulls, and other debris. In the case of food sources like bird seed, food may be found near the nesting sites rather than at the spot it is extracted from.
  2. You See Tell-Tale Traffic Patterns. Mice have very specific traffic patterns. At most times they will try to hug a wall for more protection. In unfinished basements, you can sometimes spot dirt on the walls just under each joist in the ceiling where the mice actually swing themselves from one space to another.
  3. You Discover Nesting or Entrance Debris. Mice love finding a cozy spot to sleep and give birth to their young. If you find areas with insulation or other debris kicked out conspicuously, take a close look. It could be a sign mouse activity is nearby.
  4. You Hear Mouse Sounds. One of the first signs of when most people notice they have a rodent problem, is a scratching sound or a pitter-patter in the walls or ceilings at night. Pay attention to where specifically the sound is heard and keep focusing on that area each day.
  5. You Find Fecal Matter & Urine. Make no excuse, mice are filthy, disgusting creatures. They have absolutely no control of their bowel movements or urination. They will do their business while they are doing all activities. It is very common to find abundant mouse droppings near food sources and nesting spots. These small pellets are oblong and pointed at one end and often are less than 1/32″ in diameter. The only way to spot urine is to use a black light, and homeowners would be horrified if they knew where and just how much mouse urine there are over food preparation areas and kitchen utensils.

How to Get Rid of Mice in your Home or Commercial Building

Now that you’re thoroughly paranoid and disgusted, keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs of mouse evidence. If you don’t feel confident in your diagnosis, don’t be afraid to contact us. We would be happy to inspect these areas to see if it is certainly a mouse problem.

Rodent Management can be tricky. Many materials that professionals use aren’t available to the average consumer. Professionals also run into these problems frequently, and know proper rodent management methods to get rid of your infestations more effectively. In addition to curing an existing problem, homeowners are wise if they employ the use of a Quarterly Pest Control Program to control rodent populations around their home before they become a problem inside the house. After all, the best offense is a good defense!

If you’re having problems with rodents in your home or commercial building, we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how our pest control services can help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.