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Improve Lawn Health With Aeration

Compacted soil is one of the biggest obstacles to a beautiful lawn. It tends to suffocate grass plants and prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the root system. Lawn aeration is a great solution to overcome this problem because it allows your lawn to absorb essential nutrients and moisture and grow deeper roots.

Our Aeration Services

What is Granular Aeration?

Granular aeration replenishes carbon in your soil in an environmentally friendly manner without disturbing the surface of your lawn. The product used is a consumable food source for soil microbes. It dramatically increases the soil microbial population, which decompresses the soil and mineralizes nutrients*. Granular aeration spreads further and gets in tighter areas of your lawn, allowing our team to treat nearly 100% of your property. This product relieves compaction in your soil which allows improved water and nutrients absorption. Additionally, providing a better rooting environment for your lawn. All of this with NO messy plugs!

Granular aeration has the added benefit of NO risk of damage to your irrigation systems, underground dog fences, or gates. In preparation for your granular aeration, you will not have to mark anything off, which will save you time!

*Can be done in conjunction with overseeding.

Granular Aeration
Lawn Aeration Service

Mechanical Aeration and Overseeding

Note: This service is available in limited areas. Please contact us for details. 

There are some cases in which your lawn would benefit from a mechanical aeration, particularly if significant thatch is present. With a mechanical aeration, plugs are pulled from the ground. This process helps the air, water and nutrients penetrate the soil which promotes a deeper, healthier root system. Our team will then broadcast seed over your lawn, which will enter the holes and introduce new grasses.

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