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Tree Removal Services

Safely Removing Trees for Decades

Note: This service is available in limited areas. Please contact us for details.

Unfortunately, there are times when trees decline in health or become hazardous. Whether it be a part of a property beautification or changes in its use, or if tree removal is necessary to remove hazards, it’s essential that you consider using a tree removal service that is both highly-skilled and insured to accomplish the task.

Tree Removal Services

Protect Your Home By Using Certified Arborists

Removing trees, cutting trees and dropping trees exactly where you want them, is not as easy or safe as it often seems. Property damage and bodily injury can occur when completing this type of work and leaving it to the professionals is often the right choice. Without specialized equipment, training, and lots of experience of taking down trees, you may find, in mid-project, that you have underestimated what it takes to remove a tree.

Certified Arborists - Tomlinson Bomberger
Complete Tree Removal

Complete Tree Removal

Our Certified Arborists know exactly how to remove your tree whether it means taking it down piece by piece or being able to drop large sections of the tree at a time. They have years of experience of removing trees near rooflines, vehicles, streets, and over other plants and can do so in an efficient amount of time so that your property is able to be used soon thereafter.
We will also remove all resulting debris from your site by hauling wood, chipping brush, and raking and sweeping surfaces so that your site looks tidy and cared for. We can even grind and remove the stump, leaving you with a flat space for new landscaping. Our team utilizes both climbing techniques as well as the use of a bucket truck to remove trees. We want to give you the peace of mind that you selected the best tree cutting removal service for your property.

"Your staff was unbelievably accurate in where they dropped tree sections, and cleanup was great."

Susan N.  |   Leola, PA

"The guys were awesome. They work together so well, even with the cold temps. It looked like they were actually enjoying themselves, their job. Thanks for sending them."

Gaylord P.   |   Lititz, PA

"Your Tree and Shrub technician does a great job, takes care of his equipment, and is very courteous. He even went down the road to wear off mud on his tires from a previous job so he didn’t get in on my driveway, as that’s where he needs to park to service my property."

John H.  |   Lancaster, PA

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