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Trees are one of your property’s most valuable assets. They provide both beauty and functional value. They can offer shade for areas of recreation, reduce energy costs, and increase the value of your property. To ensure your property’s trees receive the best care, contact the award-winning arborists at Tomlinson Bomberger.

We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the health and safety of trees and shrubs whenever possible. Our tree service focuses on preventing and addressing your tree problems through carefully planned and executed tree maintenance. Whether it be tree spraying, fertilization, or tree pruning by our Certified Arborists, our goal is to preserve and protect your investment in your landscape trees and shrubs. Safety of your property is also of utmost importance. Our team can also remove hazardous trees to safeguard your home and family from any dangers they may possess.

Tree Care with Tomlinson Bomberger

What happens when you have a sick tree? What about tree pruning? What happens when you call a professional Tree Care company? Watch this short video to see how easy it is to work with Tomlinson Bomberger for professional Tree Care!

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Certified Arborist Company

At Tomlinson Bomberger, we have a team of the region’s most knowledgeable and trained tree care professionals, many of which have been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). An ISA certification is the industry’s leading recognition, based on grueling examination and continuing education.

Simply put, our professionals know what it takes to care for your trees and keep them beautiful. When one of our tree experts visits your property whether for an initial consultation, to perform a Tree and Shrub Care application, or to perform tree pruning and/or removal, it is the goal of the arborist to educate you about your trees and provide you with as much information as needed to help you make an educated decision for your property.

Certified Arborist Company

Free Download: Guide to Watering Your New Plants

Our ISA-certified arborists give you their best advice for watering your new plants, trees, and shrubs. Download your free guide today.
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Common Questions About Tree Care

Will Spotted Lanternflies kill my trees?

Not immediately, but the damage caused by spotted lanternfly causes damage that leaves the tree susceptible to other bugs and diseases. To protect your trees from this type of damage, it is best to hire a professional for spotted lanternfly treatments.

For more about this invasive species that’s affecting trees throughout Central PA, see our Spotted Lanternfly FAQ page.

How often do I need to trim my trees?

We wish there was an easy answer but the response will vary based on many criteria. Every species of tree grows at different rates and has differing implications for how often it will need pruned. Among shade trees, there are trees that can need trimmed every other year. There are also ones that can go seven years or more between pruning. Evergreen trees most times will need little or very infrequent pruning if planted in the right location.

For some recommended best practices for tree pruning & trimming, check out our Guide to Pruning Trees.

How should I water new trees, shrubs, or plants?

You may have just invested in having a landscaper install new trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and or groundcover plants in your landscape and would love them to survive. Watering these plantings properly is the most important factor in getting your investment to pay off. Don’t rely on Mother Nature to keep your new plant watered; you will need to supplement rainfall to ensure it starts well.

For more on watering new plants, check out our article: Tips for Watering New Trees, Shrubs, and Plants.

"Thanks so much! The backyard looks so much better. It is a whole new yard. The two guys that did the work were the best ever."

Jack M.  |   Lancaster, PA

"I'm extremely happy with the work your Tree & Shrub technician does. I've never had one, from a previous company, that has been as thorough as him."

John P.  |   Lancaster, PA

"Your Tree and Shrub technician does a great job, takes care of his equipment, and is very courteous. He even went down the road to wear off mud on his tires from a previous job so he didn’t get in on my driveway, as that’s where he needs to park to service my property."

John H.  |   Lancaster, PA

"Your tree crew was great! Very professional, considerate, good listeners, customer service seems important to them! Refreshing! My thanks again to all."

Jane W.  |   New Holland, PA

"The trimming crew did an excellent job. They were very accommodating and cleared all the debris when finished. As far as I'm concerned, they are the best."

Ken B.  |   Lititz, PA

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