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Comprehensive Care & Services for your Trees & Shrubs

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Trees are one of your property’s most valuable assets. To ensure your property’s trees receive the best care, contact the award-winning arborists at Tomlinson Bomberger.

Our tree service focuses on preventing and addressing your tree problems through carefully planned and executed tree maintenance. Whether it be tree spraying, fertilization, or tree pruning by our Certified Arborists, our goal is to preserve and protect your investment in your landscape trees and shrubs.

We serve homeowners and business owners throughout Central PA from locations in Lancaster and Harrisburg.

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Tree Care with Tomlinson Bomberger

What happens when you have a sick tree? What about tree pruning? What happens when you call a professional tree care company?


Watch this short video to see how easy it is to work with Tomlinson Bomberger for professional tree care!

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Tree Care Programs

Our tree programs focus on preventing and addressing tree problems through careful, well-executed tree maintenance.


7-Step Tree Program

Seven-application program that uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Applications may include:

  • Dormant oil application for over-wintering insects and egg masses
  • Systemic insecticide application to applicable plants*
  • Granular and or liquid fertilization of ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Insecticide applications**
  • Miticide applications**
  • Fungicide applications**

*As necessary
**Three application max. (as needed)


Tree Fertilization

4-Step Tree Program

Four-application program designed to promote year-round tree and shrub health.

  • Spring Fertilization* (March/April): A specialized nutrient treatment designed to boost root development during the crucial spring growth phase for trees and shrubs. Support vigorous growth and vibrant foliage.
  • Fertilization & Bio Stimulant (May/June): Fertilizer and bio stimulant for overall plant health, soil vitality and plant resilience for the summer.
  • Fertilization & Potassium (June/July): Potassium Phosphite treatment for trees and shrubs increasing the production of plant hormones to aid in the plant’s tolerance of insect, disease, and environmental pressures. A booster for the plants immune system.
  • Fall Fertilization (Sept/Oct): Fertilization to promote root growth, supply micronutrients and nitrogen in 3 plant available forms and help sore nutrients for the dormant periods.

*Liquid and granular options available. Based on plant needs and soil test results.


Insect & Tree Fertilization

3-Step Tree Program

Three-application program designed to promote insect resistance and strong roots. This program will also help reduce any spotted lanternfly population.

  • Trunk Bark Spray (June): Application sprayed onto trunk of tree to protect from feeding insects
  • Fertilization & Potassium (July/Aug): Aids in tolerance to insects, disease, and environmental pressures. Boosts tree’s immune system.
  • Fall Fertilization (Sept/Oct): Promotes root growth, supplies micronutrients, and nitrogen. Helps store nutrients for dormant periods.

Our tree maintenance programs will proactively address many issues for your trees and plants. However, as with any living thing, additional treatments may be necessary depending on your landscape’s specific needs.

Is your landscape benefiting from one of our worry-free programs?

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Common Questions About Tree Care

Is my tree dying?

Worried about your trees? Just like us, trees sometimes just need a helping hand. But even a seemingly healthy tree might have hidden problems, and a struggling tree could bounce back with proper care. Our certified arborists know what to look for to keep your trees strong and beautiful. Request a quote to get a diagnosis from a certified TomBom arborist.

How often do trees need to be trimmed?

We wish there was an easy answer but the response will vary based on many criteria. Every species of tree grows at different rates and has differing implications for how often it will need pruned. Among shade trees, there are trees that can need trimmed every other year. There are also ones that can go seven years or more between pruning. Evergreen trees most times will need little or very infrequent pruning if planted in the right location.

For some recommended best practices for tree pruning & trimming, check out our Guide to Pruning Trees.

How should I water new trees, shrubs, or plants?

You may have just invested in having a landscaper install new trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and or groundcover plants in your landscape and would love them to survive. Watering these plantings properly is the most important factor in getting your investment to pay off. Don’t rely on Mother Nature to keep your new plant watered; you will need to supplement rainfall to ensure it starts well.

For more on watering new plants, check out our article: Tips for Watering New Trees, Shrubs, and Plants.

View looking up at a tree from the ground.

A-la-Carte Tree Care Services

Choose one or several of our specialty tree services tailored to the needs of your landscape.

  • Fertilization
  • Crabapple scab program
  • Fire blight reduction
  • Needle cast program
  • Emerald ash bore protection
  • Bacterial leaf scorch protection
  • Bagworm sprays
  • Japanese beetle sprays

Contact us if you’d like to schedule any of these tree services.

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Do Your Trees Have Leaves That Look Like This?

Boxwood Leafminer

The Boxwood Leafminer is not a typical leaf-eating insect. Instead, it is the larva of a small orange fly that inhabits and damages the leaf tissue of boxwood plants by feeding within the leaves themselves. This activity forms blisters or bubbles on the undersides of the leaves, which is a telltale sign of infestation (see image below).

Initial sign of leaf damage from a Boxwood Leafminer.

Over time, heavily infested leaves can turn yellow and drop prematurely, severely weakening the plant. Contract us for a quote if you’re seeing evidence of the Boxwood Leafminer on your trees.

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Leaf damage from a Boxwood Leafminer insect.
Crown Reduction

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Certified Arborist Company

At Tomlinson Bomberger, we have a team of the region’s most knowledgeable and trained tree care professionals, many of which have been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). An ISA certification is the industry’s leading recognition, based on grueling examination and continuing education.

Simply put, our professionals know what it takes to care for your trees and keep them beautiful. When one of our tree experts visits your property whether for an initial consultation, to perform a Tree and Shrub Care application, or to perform tree pruning and/or removal, it is the goal of the arborist to educate you about your trees and provide you with as much information as needed to help you make an educated decision for your property.

Certified Arborist Company in Lancaster & Harrisburg, PA
"The expert tree-trimming crew did an awesome job on our five 50-70' trees, thinning crowns, cutting dead branches, and cleaning up. We were impressed with their abilities climbing with ropes and operating two cranes. At one point, three trimmers were working in our oak tree at once: two on separate cranes and one climbing. Thanks for a great job and the entertainment! "

Kim H.  |   Manheim, PA

"Brian Hauk came to our house and made an assessment of our hemlock tree fungus and made the appropriate remedy to fix our trees with soil injections. [Tomlinson] Bomberger did the job quickly and efficiently. "

Bob C.  |   Reading, PA

"Your Tree and Shrub technician does a great job, takes care of his equipment, and is very courteous. He even went down the road to wear off mud on his tires from a previous job so he didn’t get in on my driveway, as that’s where he needs to park to service my property."

Lisa B.  |   Harrisburg, PA

"Tomlinson-Bomberger does an excellent job maintaining our yard and we just also utilized their services for tree removal/pruning. They came early, did a great job, and cleaned up after themselves. I recommend their services without reserve. "

Lesley F.  |   Lancaster, PA

"We've been using Tomlinson Bomberger for our lawn and tree care, landscaping and trimming for many many years. They do great work and the customer service is outstanding! "

Celeste V.B  |   Lititz, PA

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