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How to Get Rid of Mice

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Mouse in the House?

Ever get a mouse in your house or commercial building? They truly aren’t as crafty as the character in the movie clip above. One mouse will most likely meet their demise by a well-placed snap trap. However, if you start to catch that same mouse over and over, you’re looking at a more serious problem. At this point, you need some professional help with getting rid of mice.

It was only one mouse, right?

A lone mouse wouldn’t pose much problem, unless it’s a pregnant mouse. A couple mice in a structure will inevitably yield more as mice have litters 5-10 times per year, with 4-12 new mice in each litter. This will be way too much for your snap trap strategy. Mice pose substantial health concerns as they have no control over their bladder and urinate and defecate throughout a structure. These pests are not cute. They are filthy creatures that transmit diseases that can harm humans. Keeping mice out of your home or commercial building is a worthy goal.

How to Get Rid of Mice

If you find yourself reading this and realize it’s time to call in for bigger guns, you’re not alone. Due to recent regulations, there are not as many mouse control options available to the consumer. The Pest Management Professional has far more options for control. Mouse control is best achieved through baiting. These materials are only available to the public as forms that require longer term continuous feeding.

However, the professional pest control company has more potent baits that only require a single feeding to control a mouse. These baits are placed in tamper-resistant stations that only a small mouse can access, and placed in areas that will be out of reach from humans and pets. A pest management professional will be able to find evidence of mouse activity in areas throughout your home or commercial building and place these stations at effective and safe locations to get rid of mice.

Mouse control is best achieved when part of a proactive pest control program. A program such as a Quarterly Pest Control service will proactively place discreet rodent baits in exterior and interior areas where activity is likely and can prevent rodent infestations before they happen. Whether you’re facing a current mouse problem or trying to prevent a future one, we would be happy to talk to you about your rodent issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more how pest control services can help with your mouse problem.