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Tree & Shrub Care Program

Keep Your Trees & Shrubs Healthy for Years to Come

For property owners in Lancaster and Harrisburg, we offer complete plant health care that is tailored specifically to your landscape. A thorough inspection will be done to identify the needs of your property. Our Tree and Shrub Care Program provides timely applications designed to give both preventive & curative maintenance. Since no landscape is the same, our highly-trained tree experts will develop a customized program to address your tree and shrub care needs whether small or large, residential or commercial.

Our Tree & Shrub Care Program

Insect & Mite Control

There are thousands of pests that can feed on trees and shrubs in an ornamental landscape, including Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), aphids, Japanese Beetles, spider mites, scale insects, bagworms, caterpillars, webworms, and more. Our tree experts know how to identify which specific insects and mites are active or could be potential problems for your plants, and will build a custom program to target them at key times during the year. This may be accomplished by spray applications, soil injections, and cultural recommendations for your landscape.

Japanese beetles on leaf

Tree Injection

When necessary, we provide direct tree injections for certain pest, disease, and nutritional issues your trees face on your property. By utilizing specialized devices, our tree service technicians can insure that materials are safely, effectively, and quickly delivered to a tree’s vascular system. This method is preferred, in some cases, but also provides an alternative treatment option if site conditions prohibit spraying.

Plant Nutrition

We offer a variety of plant nutrition solutions for trees, shrubs, groundcover, and other landscape plants. Some of these applications may be advisable to include in an annual program as they deliver nutrients for plants by either granular applications or by liquid-injections. Fertilizing your landscape replenishes missing plant foods in the soil, allowing your trees and shrubs to look healthier and to better handle the stresses of insects, diseases, mites, and environmental impacts.

Plant Nutrition
Tree and Shrub Disease Control

Tree and Shrub Disease Control

Proper timing and materials are important to managing tree diseases in ornamental landscapes. Our staff will identify disease considerations in your landscape and create a treatment plan that is best for preventing and managing specific diseases on your plants. This may be accomplished by spray applications and cultural recommendations for your landscape. It is important to manage fungal diseases on plants as they will inhibit healthy growth and photosynthesis, which is essential for plant health. In some cases, they can drastically harm and cause a decline in tree and shrub health, leading to plant fatality.

If you suspect disease issues are on your trees or shrubs, please contact us so we can have one of our tree experts identify the specific problem and develop a solution that includes the best tree and shrub disease control methods for your plants.

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Tree Care Programs

Our tree programs focus on preventing and addressing tree problems through careful, well-executed tree maintenance.


Tree Care Program

Customized to your landscape and the plants you have. Program includes up to eight applications per year.

  • Dormant oil application for over-wintering insects and egg masses*
  • Systemic insecticide application to applicable plants**
  • Granular and or liquid fertilization of ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Insecticide applications***
  • Miticide applications***
  • Fungicide applications***

*Two application max
**As necessary
***Four application max. (as needed)


Tree Care Program

Seven-application program that uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Applications may include:

  • Dormant oil application for over-wintering insects and egg masses
  • Systemic insecticide application to applicable plants*
  • Granular and or liquid fertilization of ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Insecticide applications**
  • Miticide applications**
  • Fungicide applications**

*As necessary
**Three application max. (as needed)



Tree Care Services

Choose one or several of our specialty tree services tailored to the needs of your landscape.

  • Fertilization*
  • Crabapple scab program
  • Fire blight reduction
  • Needle cast program
  • Emerald ash bore protection
  • Bacterial leaf scorch protection
  • Bagworm sprays
  • Japanese beetle sprays

*Liquid and granular options available. Based on plant needs and soil test results.


Our tree maintenance programs will proactively address many issues for your trees and plants. However, as with any living thing, additional treatments may be necessary depending on your landscape’s specific needs.

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"I am very pleased with your Tree & Shrub Care technician. He has been providing this service for many years and because of his hard work, our property looks great. If it were not for him, I know I would have scale and other diseases throughout our property."

Robert D.  |   Lancaster, PA

"I appreciate the work done by the young men who applied themselves diligently to making my property safer and my trees more beautiful. My next door neighbor declared that the trees look wonderful", and I agree wholeheartedly. In addition to being excellent workers, the men are well spoken, and I enjoyed talking with them briefly when they had completed the work."

Richard M.  |   Annville, PA

"Your tree crew was great! Very professional, considerate, good listeners, customer service seems important to them! Refreshing! My thanks again to all."

Jane W.  |   New Holland, PA

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