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Termites cause around 5 Billion dollars in damage to structures annually. Living in the ground, a subterranean termite’s natural role is to help recycle cellulose, containing plant material, into simpler materials that become soil nutrients. Unfortunately, they cannot tell the difference between a dead tree and parts of your home.

Every structure should be inspected for termites annually by a trained pest management professional, who can also indicate ways you can reduce your home’s potential for termite infestation. A visual inspection can be done during your Quarterly Pest Program. A treatment for termites is not included in this program, but rather offered as a separate service agreement depending on your properties specific needs.

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How Do I Know if I Have Termites?

One sign of this pest is termite swarmers (winged termites) being found in or around your home or structure. Often times you may notice wings scattered on the floor during different times of the year which is normal for ants and termites shortly after their flight. But remember to have a pest control professional properly identify the insect before treating because ants and termites can look very similar. Another identifier is the presence of mud tubes/tunnels in or around your structure. They can be found on wood, walls, and even hanging down from ceilings in some situations. Termites are most often found near the ground level in a structure, but if an infestation has occurred for a long period of time, it can reach into upper stories, but many times are found in a basement or crawl space.

How Do I Know if I Have Termites?
Termite exterminator in Lancaster & Harrisburg, PA

How to Get Rid of Termites

Termite control is achieved by a licensed technician performing a liquid termite application around the perimeter of a structure. Termite baiting systems can also be installed depending on your specific property conditions. Tomlinson Bomberger uses Termidor®, the leading industry material for eliminating termites. One way to perform the treatment involves the pest technician digging a small trench by hand, around the perimeter of the structure, and injecting the liquid termidicide into the soil. It is our intention to create a complete barrier in the soil around the structure because termites regularly travel back and forth to their colony, which is typically located outside your structure. Tomlinson Bomberger can also install Sentricon® baiting systems to help monitor and control unseen termite colonies.

Termite Warranty

An optional Termite Warranty is available for structures that we have treated with these applications. The warranty is offered for a nominal annual cost and insures the structure is thoroughly inspected each year and treated at no additional cost if infestation would reoccur. Your Account Manager will provide you with details on this warranty at the time of your free pest control consultation.

Termite Warranty
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