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3 Tips To Keep Pests Out This Winter

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The leaves are changing colors, and it is such a beautiful sight to see. Once this process begins to occur, you might start to think about how Winter will soon be upon us. As the weather cools down, certain pests will be looking for a warm place to stay. Don’t let your home become their home as well, especially with the upcoming holidays! You will want to focus on spending time with friends and family, not managing any additional, uninvited guests. Follow these 3 Tips to Keep The Pests Out This Winter!

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

Clean out all of your gutters to keep the pests out

It is a tedious task to clean out your gutters, and most likely not how you prefer to spend your free time. Keep in mind that to eliminate any potential pest issues around the exterior of your home, you need to complete this task! Materials such as leaves and twigs that begin to accumulate in your gutters can cause moisture issues for your home’s walls and the foundation. This moisture buildup is the perfect invitation for ants, termites, millipedes, ground beetles, and more. There are inexpensive options to clean out your gutters that you can use in tandem with your garden hose. If you cannot climb a ladder, there are different options available that have an extended reach. By keeping your gutters clean you will be creating an environment that will assist you with keeping the pests out this Winter!



2. Keep the exterior of your home clear

Keep the exterior of your home clean

Once certain pests are near the exterior of your home, there is a possibility that their next stop will be to enter your home. You should check your mulch beds, and make sure that they are free of leaf litter and grass clippings. Pests like to hide underneath these types of materials. It is also important to remove any standing water on your property because insects often thrive in moist environments. Don’t forget, if you store wood on your property, make sure that you keep it far away from your home. Firewood can attract termites and other insects. Depending on the size of your property, these can all be time-consuming tasks. Try to be proactive and set aside a specific day and time to clean out the exterior of your home to keep the pests out this Winter.


3. Check door sweeps and weather stripping

Check Door Sweeps and weather stripping

A door sweep helps with the gap between the bottom of your door and the floor. This type of product can definitely help keep the pests out of your home. It is affordable to install, and can truly help with keeping the pests out. While a door sweep protects the bottom of your door, weather strips protect the tops and sides of your door. We recommend that you install both of these types of products. You may also want to check your utility lines, pipes, and conduits. You may discover that you will need to re-caulk certain areas where you find cracks or small openings. By completing these property inspections and repairs, you will hopefully eliminate obvious pest access into your home.

It is common for homeowners not to take the proper time to check their homes for these types of problems that encourage pest activity. By cleaning your gutters, the exterior of your home, and by making the necessary repairs to the doors in your home, you should be able to Keep the Pests Out This Winter!

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