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Using Edgestone to add some Flair and Function to Your Landscape Beds

Category: Landscape

Hardscaping products are used for all sorts of landscape applications such as patios, walkways, and walls. However, most manufacturers also create what is called “Edgestone” to compliment these areas, or to be used alone to add a touch of class to your landscape bed edges, and landscape designers have used these for quite some time. These manufactured concrete products come in a range of shapes, textures, and color blends. They can nicely complement the colors of the existing building they surround. These materials not only look classier than traditional landscape edging, but they are more durable.

The Pros

Edgestone is very functional as it helps to contain mulch or stone in some areas. This keeps it from washing or falling out onto hard surfaces or lawn areas. One of the great benefits of this beautiful landscape addition is its ease of installation. Approximately 60% of the stone is buried in a channel along the bed and then back-filled. Because of their irregular shape, installation is more forgiving than installing a square, finished product. This also allows the edgestones to be placed around curves very easily, and also to gradually lower as the ground slopes to other areas. Digging the trench for installation can be done with a trench machine or even a shovel if need be. After the trench is dug, it’s time to back-fill.

Another nice feature of edgestone is that it can be removed and replaced as needed. If there is construction, or settling, etc. replacement is as easy as digging a small trench and re-installing the stones. If you do select edgestone for your next project, make sure to buy a few extra stones. Some products can become discontinued, so you want to make sure you have some on-hand. If you have an accident where some stones are broken, you’ll be able to replace with a matching product.

The Cons

The down-sides to edgestone are cost and mowing considerations. Stones can vary in cost based on brand and style, but given their durability they are a better choice than most landscape edging products. When mowing around edgestone, you will need to keep from bumping the mower deck against the stones and dislodging them. This may create more need to run a string-trimmer when you’re mowing to get a nice grass cut around the edges. However, the time you’ll save edging landscape beds when you mulch, will be well worth it.

If you are interested in products available to use for edgestone, consult with a landscape designer. They often have access to commercial-grade products that are far superior to those you will find at the local home improvement store. A quality landscaping contractor will be able to install these stones for you should you need help with that project as well.