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The Royal Pest Control Treatment

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pest control exterminatorMany residential and commercial property owners have found the value in using a professional, quality pest control service to deal with bugs and rodents. However, all pest management companies are not created equal, so choosing the right company is critical. They say “seeing is believing” so I decided to tag along with one of our pest control technicians to see how pest control is done.

The Service

When arriving to the property, we greeted the property owner and told them about what we would be doing today. We also asked if they had any questions. This gives our technician a chance to remedy any concerns, and also direct their focus; every property has different needs. Our first task was to service the rodent bait stations outside along the foundation of the house.

The Outside – Rodents

Many properties have issues with voles feeding on landscape plants, and also occasional mice looking for entry points to a structure. These rodent bait stations need a special key to open.  Stations are also secured into the ground with a large metal stake. Here you see the pest control technician removing old bait materials. The technician is also examining them for feeding activity, and replacing with clean vole control material. Lastly, he  cleared any leaf debris in and around the station to make sure it was more accessible to rodents.

The Outside – Bugs

pest control sprayingThe majority of pest control treatment on the outside of a home is done with power-spraying. This method employs the treatment of liquid insect and spider control materials at key points around the structure. Application is made approximately 18″-24″ up from the base of a structure, out into the landscape beds, and up onto the siding/bricks. This material does not leave visible residue and drastically helps to control pest activity for a couple months.

pest control power sprayingSome pest control companies do not power-spray, not allowing them to reach eaves and soffit areas. Treating behind shutters also will help deter stinging insects from building nests. This treatment also helps to control those already there. Applying materials around exterior lights for spider control reduces web building, which inevitably traps insects for an unsightly appearance. If a property has a deck, porch, or shed, the technician also addresses these areas as well in their treatment. Quality pest control means paying attention to the details.

The Inside – Inspection

interior mouse controlIt is our practice to only minimally treat the interior of a structure as needed to address present pest issues and to reduce common issues from occurring. This interior treatment is frequently performed during any initial visit when beginning a service, and also on the winter quarterly visit. If problems arise between our scheduled quarterly visits, we happily return to address any interior or exterior issues. Most of the time spent on the interior of the home is for inspection, and treatments are made only as-needed.

The Inside – Treatment

treating crawl space for mice and bugsBasements seem to be a common place for pest activity, especially when they are unfinished. Here you see the technician adding bait to an interior rodent station and placing it in a location only rodents will find the mice control material, away from pets and humans.

Treating crawlspaces and the top of the foundation for pests is also another part of proactive pest control.

stink bug controlThere are many potential entry points for pest in a home. Chimneys will often present lots of stink bug activity and need treatment. Our technicians know the common hot spots where each pests is likely to be found and quickly inspects those areas. However, each time a pest control technician services your property, they thoroughly inspect all places. Since new problems arise depending upon a lot of factors and influences, it’s important to be thorough. It’s this “thinking like a pest” that makes them successful in stopping little problems before they become larger ones.

The Inside – Kitchens

kitchen pest controlKitchens and food storage areas will often present activity of pantry and stored-food pests. The technician will thoroughly inspect those areas and make recommendations for removing any infested materials. At times, technicians also install pheromone traps. They try to completely eliminate the usage of control materials in these areas so as to keep people and animals as safe as possible.

The technician inspects all areas of the interior of the structure making appropriate treatments where needed in attics, garages, etc. When proper treatments are executed on the exterior of the structure it will drastically reduce the need for interior treatment which is an attractive feature to many property owners. Although the materials we use have very low toxicity, people are often encouraged by our thorough treatments that employ both inspection and control materials where needed.

If you are interested in finding out how a quality Pest Control program can help you with your pest problems, don’t hesitate to contact us for your free evaluation and estimate.