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5 Links to Find the Best Tree Service in Lancaster, PA

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ash treeThe trees are too close to the house, or making you do the limbo each time you mow, or have cracked and fell down in last night’s storm. In any case, you need professional help and are looking for a tree service to remove trees or prune them.

There are dozens upon dozens of tree services in Lancaster, PA that you could choose from. They offer competitive pricing, experience, and specialized equipment that can make the job go smoothly. It can be tough to decide which tree service is the best choice.

How to Find the Best Tree Service in Lancaster, PA

Searching online for a tree service is the best way to find local pros in your area. However, making an objective decision seems to get more and more complicated the more you search. We thought it would be helpful to offer a few links you can go to conduct research for which tree care company is best for you.

google-reviews-logo1. Google Reviews

As it goes with any service company, the more reviews and the higher the tree service is rated, the better chance you having a good experience. Tree pruning and removal is tricky work and a lot can go wrong. If you search online for tree services, pay close attention to their Google Reviews.

Read what their clients have been saying and choose wisely. Make sure tree companies have at least 20 Google Reviews and that their rating is at least a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Feel free to check out Tomlinson Bomberger reviews on Google.

Tomlinson Bomberger HomeAdvisor2.  HomeAdvisor

This website frequently comes up when searching for home improvement or maintenance companies. This website connects homeowners with a few local pros that pay to have their business featured online. When you submit your information, the tree services will contact you to schedule a time to look at your tree removal or pruning project and provide you with an estimate.

Good tree services will have dozens of good reviews on HomeAdvisor. Make sure you deal with one that has a rating of 4.5 stars or higher. HomeAdvisor also will award tree services with awards based on how they handle prospective clients.

Tomlinson Bomberger Awards3.  Local Contests

In Lancaster, PA, there are a number of media outlets that run contests to vote for favorite businesses. These contests include Lancaster Newspapers Readers’ Choice Awards and Lancaster County Magazine’s Best of Lancaster. 

Go to either of the link above and search for the contest name for the latest results. This can help you to determine if Lancaster County residents are rating these tree services as the best tree service in Lancaster, PA.

We have been very thankful to our clients and community for consistently voting Tomlinson Bomberger as their favorite tree service.

certified arborist4.  International Society of Arboriculture

This tree care industry association offers a free tool to search for Certified Arborists in Lancaster, PA on their website. Certified Arborists have a level of knowledge higher than the common tree service and have to adhere to a Code of Ethics to positively interact with their community.

Tomlinson Bomberger has more ISA Certified Arborists on staff than any other tree service in Lancaster, PA. Their goal is to properly assess the health of trees on your property and provide you with sound recommendations to care for them.

member tcia voice of tree care5.  Tree Care Industry Association

Another tree service industry association, the TCIA provides both resources for tree care professionals as well as the homeowner searching for local tree services to work on their property. The TCIA also regularly posts great articles on their blog about tree issues you may want to be better informed about.

Tomlinson Bomberger has appreciated the training resources TCIA has provided to us as a company, as well as the excellent job they do in educating homeowners about important topics.

Lancaster, PA Tree Services vs. Verified Tree Care Experts

To be called a “tree service”, there really is little one needs to try to act the part. We’ve seen anything from a few guys out of work with some pick up trucks to a legit, fully-insured, licensed, certified tree service. Be very careful to take your time to research any company that will be doing work on your property. Ask lots of questions and get proof of liability coverage, license numbers, etc.

The result of cutting corners with this type of work can be catastrophic. Don’t just take someone’s word if they are claiming to be the best tree service in Lancaster, PA. Make them prove it. We’d love to be your tree service! We not only service properties in Lancaster County, but in parts of York, Lebanon, and Dauphin counties as well.