5 Important Reasons for Tree Stump Removal

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tree stump“Do I really need get a tree service for stump removal, or can I just let it there to rot?” This is a great question our Certified Arborists frequently hear. In most cases, the answer is “YES”.

The reasons vary, but hiring a stump removal company is generally a great idea for a number of reasons.

5 Reasons Tree Stump Removal is Important

1)  Stumps are unsightly. You do not typically have your friends over to your home for a get together and hear them say, “Wow, that is surely one beautiful tree stump you have there in your front lawn!” (unless you went and hired that guy who carves tree stumps into art).

Basically, tree stumps are not adding anything to the curb appeal of your home. Even if they look better after having a tree removal performed, they’ll turn into a rotten mess in just a couple years.

2)  Tree stumps can be hazardous. Stumps left in a lawn or landscape can be a danger to children, neighbors, or visitors to your property as they present a tripping hazard.

They could also cost you money if you or a mowing service accidentally hits the stump when mowing your lawn, requiring a trip to the repair shop. Tree stumps simply create a liability concern on your property.

borer damage3)  Decaying stumps can attract insects. When a tree stump is left to decay over a number of years, the decaying matter may attract carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, termites and other pests.

If the stump is near other live trees, it may simply pose a health concern for these trees as pests are attracted to the stump. If the stump is located near a structure, it may also attract wood-destroying insects that could pose damage potential to your home or commercial building.

It may be better to invest a small amount of money for stump removal rather than risk these potential damages and incur additional costs later.

4)  Fresh tree stumps cause unsightly re-growth. When some species of trees are cut down close to or just above grade, they may continue to generate sucker growth from the stump. If this occurs you could spend time and money cutting down the suckers or spraying them with herbicides.

These suckers also take nutrients from other nearby plants so other parts of your landscape may suffer. If left to grow, these re-growing trees turn into ugly bushes resembling their former, proper form. These suckers are also poorly attached to their rotting trunk and can even become a safety consideration later if left be.

stump-removal-300x2255)  Stumps can harbor disease. Many times, trees need to be cut down due to disease issues that have damaged or killed the plant. These particular stumps can harbor disease or fungus that can be spread to other nearby trees or ornamental plants and may end up damaging or killing those plants in the future.

Finding a Tree Service for Stump Removal

We know that there may be situations that make stump removal difficult such as nearby obstacles and access limitations. Weigh the pros and cons of leaving or removing the stump and whenever possible, have a tree service perform stump grinding or stump removal.

If you are interested in stump removal services on your property, contact a local tree service or landscaping company. They can offer solutions to remove the stump such as using a stump grinder or other machinery to dig it out.

Many times, hiring a professional is more affordable than you may realize and will be money well spent.

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