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Seeding & Aeration

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Aeration and Seeding are vital to keeping your lawn healthy due to the clay in the soil. The clay gets compacted, making it difficult for water to pass through and for the roots of your existing turf to spread out properly. Help your lawn reach it’s ultimate health with our aeration and seeding services.

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Granular Aeration and Seeding

Granular aeration replenishes carbon in your soil in an environmentally friendly manner without disturbing the surface of your lawn. This product spreads further and gets in tighter areas of your lawn, allowing our team to treat nearly 100% of your property.

Granular Aeration benefits:

  • Healthier soil and improved root development
  • No messy dirt plugs on your lawn!
  • Increased coverage that spreads further and enters tight areas
  • No need to mark irrigation systems, underground dog fences, or gates


We also recommend seeding, as this assists your lawn with its ability to achieve its maximum health by growing thicker and filling in bare spots. A thicker lawn will leave less space for weeds to enter.

Granular Aeration
Lawn Aeration Service in Lancaster & Harrisburg, PA

Mechanical Aeration and Seeding

Note: This service is available in limited areas. Please contact us for details. 

In some cases, your lawn would benefit from mechanical aeration, particularly if significant thatch is present. With mechanical aeration, plugs are pulled from the ground. This process helps the air, water and nutrients penetrate the soil, promoting a deeper, healthier root system. Our team will then broadcast seed over your lawn, which will enter the holes and introduce new grasses.

"I've used Tomlinson Bomberger for a couple years for lawn maintenance. Previously tried another lawn care service and they were unable to fix the damage caused by our blow up childrens pool. The yard looks great after care from their team."

Laura W.  |   Lancaster, PA

"We've been using TomBom for years and appreciate their professional, responsive service. Eric O. is our technician and he provides insights into lawn issues when Mother Nature throws a curve ball our way. "

Julie M.  |   Lititz, PA

"Having moved into a home with a yard much bigger than my previous house, I knew I needed a good service to help me take care of it. Fortunately, I talked to Tomlinson Bomberger, and I have been happy with the job they have been doing for the past several years."

Nancy W.  |   Lancaster, PA