“I'd like to say how much I was impressed on the first visit and application of pest control. I think the applicator did a fine job and explained what he was doing. I’m looking forward to doing business in the future. I'm impressed with the tapes and traps instead of all the sprays inside the house. Thanks again for a good job.”

—John G. - Mount Joy, PA

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Ant Control Services

Ants Ants are the most common pest control concern prompting many property owners looking for professional ant control solutions from ant exterminators. Although ants are most often a big problem in structures in the spring, summer, and fall, many property owners also find issues of ants in even the winter months. The most  successful social insects, there are about 700 species of ants in the United States, with several varieties being frequent issues in our area. Treatment for ants is just one of the items included in our Quarterly Pest Control program.

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Do You Have Ants or Termites?

If you suspect you have an ant problem, it is important that you first establish if you indeed have ants. Termite swarmers are often confused with ants because they are similar size and color. Both insects will grow wings during certain times during the year as colonies grow. At this point, many adults and new queens will establish a new colony. It is common for property owners to find these flying insects trapped in windows and doorways and even congregating on exterior parts of structures on warmer days.

ant vs. termiteTo tell the difference between ants and termites, there are 3 distinguishing characteristics for identification. Ants will have 3 body parts and termites will have 2. Look for the pinched waist of an ant. Antennae will also differ, with ants having a distinct bend or elbow in their antennae. Termites will have segmented, and either straight or slightly curved antennae. If wings are still present, you will notice two pairs of wings on both insects. However, termite swarmers will have two identical sets of wings. Ants will have one set that is larger than another. Both of these insects will shed their wings shortly after flight, so identification is also achievable by merely examining the remaining wings. Ant control and termite control are achieved in a completely different manner.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants feeding on BaitTreatment for the common varieties of ants such as Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Citronella Ants even have a good amount of variation based on the species. Property owners will often attempt to kill ants themselves only to call upon a pest management professional ( or ant exterminator in old terminology) later after unsuccessful measures. This is why ant control is not offered as a one-time service because of the possibility of repeated treatments to control the colony. This is particularly true in the instance of Odorous House Ants. Ant colonies can have 100,000 of workers and with hundreds of queens in each colony. Treatment by well-intentioned property owners often aggravate the situation in addition to not being effective.

Getting rid of ants is a specialized technique that requires detailed inspection and placement of baits and treatment with the proper ant control sprays. Our trained and experienced technicians are highly skilled and successful with getting rid of ants and keeping your property protected from infestations.

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