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Termite Control Services

termitesSubterranean termites cause more damage to structures annually than fires and storms combined. Living in the ground, their natural role is to help recycle cellulose containing plant material to simpler materials that become soil nutrients. Unfortunately, they cannot tell the difference between a dead tree and your house. Every structure should be inspected for termites annually by a trained pest management professional, who can also indicate ways you can reduce your home’s potential for termite infestation. A visual inspection can be done during a visit during a Quarterly Pest Program. Treatment for termites is not included in this program, but rather offered as a separate service agreement.

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How Do I Know if I Have Termites?

ant vs. termitePeople often confuse termites swarmers with flying ants. In the spring of the year, both of these insects develop large colonies and will grow wings for a short period of time to transport themselves and their new queen to a new site. Termite swarmers are black in color and smaller than what most people know of the appearance of termite workers and soldiers. However, there are 3 main ways to distinguish between termite and ant swarmers.

Ants will have 3 body parts, bent antennae, and their pairs of wings will be differing in size. Termites, however, have 2 main body parts, straight or slightly curved antennae, and their wing pairs will be identical in size.  Both ants and termites will shed their wings shortly after flight, so it is still possible to identify which insect you have with just the evidence of wings.

The first sign of termites is often also noticed when the presence of mud tubes/tunnels are noticed. Termites will mix mud, moisture, and cellulose of the wood they are feeding on to construct these tubes. They can be found on wood, walls, and even hanging down in some situations. Termites are most often found near the ground level in a structure, but if infestation has occurred for a long period of time, it can reach up into upper stories and into basements.

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How to Get Rid of Termites

Termidor_LogoTermite control is best achieved by a licensed technician performing a liquid termite application around the perimeter of a structure. Tomlinson Bomberger uses Termidor®, the leading industry material for killing termites. The termite control technician digs a small trench by hand, around the perimeter of the structure, and injects a liquid termidicide into the soil. It is our intention to create a complete barrier in the soil around the structure because termites regularly travel back and forth to outside areas because they need moisture in the soil to survive.

Some companies only perform a partial treatment to keep the cost lower, but this is an inferior method and not recommended. Sometimes, there are larger areas of pavement/concrete that interfere with this method, so very small holes are drilled every couple feet to inject the materials beneath the pavement. A color-appropriate sealant is then used to plug the drill holes. When this termite control method is used, the material will remain in the treatment area indefinitely unless disturbed by construction, making it effective for control years after the treatment is performed. Termidor® is undetectable to termites, and they expose one another to the material constantly as they travel about in the colony. In some situations where there is a cistern or well within the structure, it is not advisable to use liquid termite control materials. In these instances, a combination of liquid or termite baiting materials may be used to kill termites.

An optional Termite Warranty is available for structures that we have treated with these applications. This warranty is offered for a nominal annual cost and insures the structure is thoroughly inspected each year and treated at no additional cost if infestation would reoccur. Your Account Manager will provide you with details on this warranty at the time of service proposal.

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