bag of flourIf you store cereals, grains, rice, flour, spices, or similar items in your home or kitchen in your commercial building, you may occasionally find out that there may be an unexpected ingredient in them, insects. No matter how diligent a food processing plant or farmer may be, these insects often lay eggs in such materials, only to have them hatch out later and frighten or disturb us. These pests are usually not noticed until their populations become abundant.

flour moth

Indian Meal Moth

Weevils, beetles, and moths are just some of the pests that a pest control company like ours get complaints about. A homeowner or commercial property manager often calls our office seeking an exterminator to get rid of pantry pests that may be flying or crawling around their kitchen. These pests often are found in flour, pasta, cereal, dried fruits, herbs, and spices.


Drugstore Beetle

The pests rarely make their way inside from outdoors, but rather appear because they are brought into structures after being packaged into food at a processing plant, warehouse, or during storage or delivery. These insects have a complete life cycle, starting as an egg, then larva, pupa, and adult. All stages of life may be present in pantry foods. Eggs are rarely detected because they are so small. The larval and adult stages of these insects are typically what people notice.

rice weevil

Rice Weevil

To get rid of pantry pests, it’s essential to get rid of the infested food source. Control will not happen until this food is disposed of. Thoroughly inspect all items in your pantry and dispose of these materials outside by the curb for your trash company to pick up. Be sure to inspect even unopened items as many of these insects can chew small holes into these items to feed or lay eggs. Once you remove the food source, the number of pests should drastically reduce. Thoroughly vacuum and wash food storage areas. Try to store such foods in air-tight hard plastic or glass containers or jars in the future. This can help keep future infestations isolated.

Confused Flour Beetle larva

Confused Flour Beetle larva

As a pest management company we aim to reduce the usage of pesticides inside structures. Spraying for pantry pests is rarely recommended. Occasionally we will use pheromone traps to catch some of these pests, but the removal of the food source is the best control method. If you are having trouble with pantry pests such as Indian Meal Moths, Drugstore Beetles, Flour Moths, Rice Weevils, or Confused Flour Beetles, or any other pests, we would be happy to talk with you about how we may help.

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