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4 Tips for a Beautiful Lawn this Spring

Spring is in the air. The robins are hopping, the forsythia shrubs have buds, and your turfgrass is greening up.

It’s time to think about getting your lawn ready for spring. Spring clean-up should include clearing lawn debris, raking dead grass, testing your soil, putting down weed control, and fertilizing your lawn. You may want a lawn care company to provide these services, and at Tomlinson Bomberger, we provide lawn maintenance that saves you time and energy.

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring by Cleaning It Up

Cleaning up your lawn should be first on your to-do list. Over the winter, seed pods, leaves, sticks, stones, and other debris land in your yard. When you fertilize, mow, and reseed your turfgrass this spring, your lawn needs to breathe and have a clean space.

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Here are four key areas that you should consider when preparing your lawn this season.

Remove Debris

After winter, properties may have different types of debris, including Branches, Twigs, Fallen leaves, and Dead grass. Additionally, winter storms bring other types of debris to your property, such as Rocks, Pebbles, and Litter. You want to remove all debris to promote healthy growth and prevent any underlying damage to your turfgrass.

While you may have worked hard in the fall to get all the leaves off your lawn, some trees are late leaf droppers, and your property may have gotten leaves from neighboring trees. So you need to rake up leaves again in the spring. Leaves left on your lawn could lead to lawn disease or prevent your turfgrass from greening up.

Rake leaves and clean up your lawn
Rake up any dead grass on your lawn

As your lawn went into dormancy late last fall, some turf died. In the springtime, you need to rake up dead grass to allow new turf to grow. Raking up dead grass also enables the soil to receive sun and oxygen.

Soil Testing

At Tomlinson Bomberger, we include soil tests with our lawn care programs. We collect soil samples from your lawn and send them to a lab to test them for nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate levels.

We’ll also test the pH level of your soil to see if you need lime to sweeten the ground and get it to a healthy pH number.

After we get your soil test results, we’ll provide you with soil amendment options for your consideration. We want your lawn to produce green, healthy turfgrass for you and your family to enjoy all season long.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

As the soil warms up in the early spring, grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, emerge. Tomlinson Bomberger’s lawn care programs start with two pre-emergent crabgrass control and fertilizer rounds.

Grassy weeds can persist and push through the soil when your lawn wakes up. Pre-emergent crabgrass control puts an invisible barrier blocking crabgrass and other grass weeds from emerging above ground.

We put down pre-emergent crabgrass control when the forsythia shrubs bloom because the soil temperatures are between 50°F – 55°F—the ideal time to put down pre-emergents. We also start fertilizing your lawn when we put the first two applications of pre-emergent crabgrass control.

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Apply pre emergent product to your lawn to reduce weeds

Lawn Fertilization: Boost Your Lawn’s Nutrition

At Tomlinson Bomberger, we understand that lawn fertilization is essential to getting your lawn ready for spring. A healthy and vibrant lawn adds value to your property and creates a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family. Here are some reasons why you should consider our lawn fertilization services to boost your turfgrass’s health this spring:

Beautiful healthy lawn with the help of fertilization
  1. Customized lawn care: We use your soil test results to provide you with soil amendment options for your lawn to achieve the greatest possible results.
  2. Quality fertilizers: Our high-quality fertilizers promote healthy grass growth, root development, and disease resistance. The products we use are safe for children and pets.
  3. Professional application: Our lawn care professionals are trained and experienced in applying fertilizers evenly and efficiently, ensuring that your lawn benefits from the nutrients.

We also use specialized equipment to apply the fertilizer correctly, avoiding any damage to your turf.

Why Tomlinson Bomberger is the Best Choice to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

This spring, a healthy and beautiful turfgrass needs spring clean-up to prepare your lawn for spring. These essential tasks include cleaning up lawn debris, soil testing, pre-emergent weed control, and lawn fertilization. At Tomlinson Bomberger, we are the best choice to complete all these tasks.

Our team of professionals provides customized programs and quality fertilizers to meet your lawn’s specific needs. With our expertise, your property will enjoy healthy growth and disease resistance and remain vibrant and beautiful throughout the spring and beyond. Call us today at 717-399-1991 or click here to schedule your lawn’s clean-up.