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3 Ways Your Landscaping Can Save The Planet

Lawns and landscapes provide many benefits to society and the planet. Essential to our existence are some basics like food, air, & water. The way we manage and design our landscapes has a direct impact on all three. Let’s take a closer look at three ways your landscape is making an impact on the planet:

1. Your Lawn is an Air Filter


Did you know that within a 10,000 square foot lawn there are about 8 million grass plants? Some estimates suggest that grass traps up to 12 million tons of dust and dirt from the air annually. Grass also absorbs smoke and sulfur dioxide helping to reduce ozone. Turfgrass is an excellent filter for removing many pollutants. In addition, grass takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and replaces it with oxygen. A 50’ x 50’ area of healthy lawn is estimated to produce enough oxygen to meet the needs a of a family of four. Trees and shrubs also covert carbon dioxide to oxygen making all plants critical to clean air. By maintaining and fostering a healthy lawn and landscape you are purifying the air saving our planet in the meantime.

2. Your Landscape is a Water FilterIdeal Soil pH Levels

Another way lawns and landscape keep our planet healthy is through the conservation and filtering of water. Lawns have an extensive root system making turfgrass superb at reducing erosion and controlling runoff. The turfgrass root system also can trap and hold rainfall reducing water loss. In fact, when you promote a healthy lush lawn, soil microbes are enhanced.  These act as filters to capture and break down many types of pollutants. Your lawn and landscape is really a protective shield keeping our water clean!  The more vegetation you provide the cleaner the air and water become. As an added benefit studies at Texas A & M demonstrated that heavily vegetated landscape and lawns can reduce surface temperatures pretty significantly. So, you can actually provide some air conditioning by maintaining a healthy landscape. You will never sweat again!

Honey Bee3. Your Landscape sustains the Ecosystem

Not only do our landscapes and lawns provide clean air and water but they also help feed the planet. Without pollinators much of our food supply would vanish. By planting native trees, shrubs, and perennials we provide a habitat that supports pollinators. Spring flowering trees like crabapple, cherry, and redbud support early pollinators. Native perennials like bee balm, aster, cone flower, & milk weed supply nectar for many native bees throughout the Summer. Your beautiful plantings help to sustain the food supply we are depend upon each day. You can make a difference.

In summary we can do much with our lawn and landscapes no matter how big or small. Everyone makes difference. Put some quality time into your landscape and help save the planet in the process. Happy planting!


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