“We've used Tomlinson Bomberger for the past 7 years. Our regularly scheduled services include slit seeding, fertilization, and plant care. They’re very good at what they do! They're also very flexible in responding to our needs when sudden problems occur such as field over-usage or a weather-related problem.”

—Eon N. - Lancaster, PA

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lawn seeding

We offer an array of grass seeding solutions, such as Aeration and Overseeding, Slice-Seeding, Sodding, and Grading & Seeding. Whether it’s a small problem spot in your lawn, or a complete site renovation, we are capable of helping you establish or repair your lawn. We use high-quality seed and fertilizer along with meticulous seeding best practices to insure optimum results for your lawn seeding projects.

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AerationAeration and Over-Seeding:  This method is meant to maintain turf density in a fairly established lawn just needing minor improvement. A machine called a core aerator pulls small cores of soil out of lawn areas which not only helps the overall health of the lawn, but also gives a point for seed to be inserted into the soil every 5″-6″ over the lawn’s surface. Aerating a lawn is recommended annually. Over-seeding along with an aeration will help to introduce new cultivars of the species of grass you may have growing in your lawn. These new cultivars are often genetically re-designed to improve their performance against certain disease, drought, and insect problems.

slice seedingSlice-Seeding:  Slice-seeding is often recommended to improve areas of lawn that are very damaged and is often combined with core aeration. This piece of machinery cuts grooves in soil, inserting seed below the surface. When possible, a double-pass with a slice-seeder is made in adjacent or diagonal directions to help increase germination.

bobcat and soilGrading & Seeding:  If a lawn needs completely renovated or started from scratch, grading and seeding is often recommended. This operation employs the use of a mini-excavator such as a Bobcat, as soil is added and existing soil is finely graded. Seed mixtures and starter fertilizer are then applied to the newly tilled surface. Straw, Penn Mulch, or Futerra Matting is then used to cover areas to reduce erosion and promote better germination.

grassSodding:  Installing sod allows for more instantaneous results of establishing a lawn. However, installing sod is always a more costly investment and demands more watering than a seeding operation. Sites requiring sod installation must be properly graded and lightly tilled before sod installation can occur. Sod installation can occur into the early and late winter when seeding is not recommended at that time.

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How to Water Your New Lawn

watering instructions for new lawnsWatering your newly seeded or sodded lawn is critical for its survival! Your new grass plants need extra attention for at least the first year of their life. People have a lot of misconceptions on what proper lawn watering means. Check out our New Lawn Watering Guide to make sure your lawn looks fantastic.

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