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Updating Your Walkways and Front Steps

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Updating Walkways and Steps

Broken, cracked, uneven concrete walks and steps. It’s a common sight for homes built 30-50 years ago. This property owner was set on updating their walkways and landscaping in Lititz, PA (a suburb of Lancaster, PA). Not only had the old plantings outgrown their spaces, but they also didn’t add much appeal to this home. To make matters worse, the concrete sidewalks and front patio had begun settling and cracking. This wasn’t doing any favors in terms of curb appeal!

Concrete typically cracks and settles as the ground thaws and heaves. Likewise, this property had some troublesome tree roots that disturbed and broke the original sidewalks. This is the downfall with concrete walks and patios. If they are disturbed, you have to replace them entirely. This makes using products like interlocking pavers superior, because they can be reinstalled without showing signs of disruption.

The First Step

Our landscaping crews went to work, tearing out the old concrete steps and front porch, along with the sidewalks leading to the house from the street, and also those wrapping around the back of the property. They also removed much of the immediate landscape plantings, even reducing some of the landscape beds. Most of the front lawn was damaged during these removals, so we repaired the small front lawn with new sod.


New plantings were installed along with the new walkways and front steps and patio. We also added a few small sandstone boulders to compliment the brown tones in the paver and block materials. For this project, our landscape designer chose E.P. Henry Dakota Blend Coventry I Brickstone along with Coventry Wall Block. This not only replaced the unsafe and unappealing concrete, but it updated the overall look of the property and added curb appeal. Professional-grade landscape lighting was also added to help light walkways to not only reveal their beauty at night but to add safety for visitors to the property.


Final Steps

We were thrilled how this project turned out and even more happy to hear the rave reviews of our client about how the process went for them and how the end product turned out. If you are looking for a landscape contractor for the renovation of some old sidewalks, patios, steps, and walls, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to transform your property.