Curb Appeal with a New Front Walkway

Category: Landscape

Plain old concrete sidewalks can be boring and uninviting. If you’re like this homeowner in Ephrata, PA, (a suburb of Lancaster, PA) you may be thinking of what you can do to create a classier entrance to your home by hiring a landscape contractor to upgrade your home’s look with the use of interlocking pavers, stairs, and stone veneer. Since the patio was raised, it posed a more substantial project to rip it out entirely. What was done here instead, was to tie-in the existing stone veneer that the builder had put around the front entrance, to the new EP Henry walk and steps.

We removed the boring, old concrete sidewalk and steps. Changing the walkway to add more curves instead of all of those cold, right angles created a softer and more inviting approach to the front porch. We also were able to add new stone veneer to the sides of the patio, which complemented the new EP Henry pavers and wall stones nicely and matched those on the existing home.

Our landscape designer for this project recommended EP Henry Coventry Dakota Blend pavers and wall block because of their durability and potential to repair if ground settles. This makes pavers superior to poured concrete. If the ground settles or construction is needed, you would need to replace your concrete walkway. Interlocking pavers allow for a permanent feel, classier look, and versatility if you need to move them for some reason.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the curb appeal to your home without spending a tremendous amount of money, consider some small changes like renovating a front entrance like this project. Be sure to use a landscaping company that has certified installers, such as the one ICPI offers. Ask to see samples of other hardscaping projects they have completed to evaluate if they have what it takes to make your property look its best.

If you’re interested in talking further about how hardscaping upgrades such as these can improve the appearance of your home or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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