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4 Landscaping Solutions for Steep Banks

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Slopes can be difficult to deal with. Many times they are too steep to plant and safely maintain a lawn. Property owners often overlook these areas when purchasing a property and find out very quickly that solutions are not always easy with these steep areas. Solutions vary in cost and ease of installation, but here’s some food for thought.

Retaining Walls

retaining wallUsing walls to retain soil can not only add beauty to a property, but can be highly functional as it creates new areas that are easy to maintain. In some cases, lawn areas above and below can be leveled out to create flat surfaces for all types of uses. Unfortunately, walls are the most costly of solutions, but could be right for your specific needs.


terracingCreating multiple levels can add functionality and beauty as well to these problem areas. Terracing can add layers to landscapes, with incremental walls or raised areas. These areas can be used for a variety of purposes as well. In these cases, you can use a series of mounds or small walls versus one continuous wall.


pachysandra (2)If slopes aren’t too severe, planting groundcover can help to retain soil, and to fill up areas that would typically need mulched or mowed. Once established, groundcovers can provide year-round low maintenance areas. The first few years will be the most difficult to maintain. Be sure to keep the groundcover irrigated and remove weeds from these areas.

Specialty Grasses/h2>
long grassThere are some varieties of grasses, such as sheep’s fescue, that only grow to a moderately low height from 8″-12″. These areas won’t need mowed, but can fill in quickly, helping to reduce erosion. Selective broadleaf herbicide can be applied to remove some varieties of weeds.

To explore which options may work best for your site, find a reputable landscaping company that can guide you through the process of selecting which solution is right for you and your landscape. Together you can figure out what method and materials are best to fit into your budget and property by discussing this with a knowledgeable landscape designer.