Tree & Shrub Care FAQ

fall treeFeel free to browse some of the most common questions we hear about tree & shrub care. Some will have brief answers, and some will have links to blog posts we’ve written on these topics. We’ll be adding to this list as time goes by. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us.

Tree & Shrub Care Treatment Questions

What if it rains after my Tree & Shrub Care treatment? The materials used during liquid spray applications will be completely effective after they dry on the leaf tissue. This typically takes a short period of time, approximately 20 minutes. Granular or soil-applied injections actually need rainfall to start working, so rain is no problem for these treatments even if it rains during or after they are applied.

When are my Tree & Shrub Care treatments scheduled?  Each treatment, for each plant has a specific preferred time of treatment. We will do our best to perform these applications in the best timing, weather-dependent. Treatment intervals vary greatly depending upon each application.

Tree Identification Questions

How can I figure out what kind of tree I have?

Why do I need to spray my trees so early in the spring?

Tree Fertilizer Questions

What good does fertilizing my tree do?

Tree & Shrub Insect/Mite Questions

How do I kill Japanese Beetles?

What do I do if my tree has borers?

Can you get rid of Woolly Adelgid that are feeding on my hemlock tree?

What should I do about caterpillars eating my tree?

What can I do about insects eating my pachysandra?

How can I figure out what insect/pest is eating my plants and what to do about them? There are lots of pests that feed on plants in our area. Each are fairly specific to the type of plant they are feeding on. We would need to know what type of plant is affected, and most likely have a look at it to see what can be done to remedy the situation.

Tree & Shrub Disease/Fungus Questions

There are strange spots or a substance on my tree/shrub’s leaves. What should I do? There are lots of diseases that affect plants in our area. We would need to know what type of plant is affected, and most likely have a look at it to see what can be done to remedy the situation. Call our office for a free consultation.

What can I do about a disease killing my pachysandra?

Tree & Shrub Pruning/Removal Questions

When is my pruning/removal project scheduled?  Backlogs vary throughout the year. Your Account Manager will give you an approximate backlog time at the time of proposal that is weather dependent. If you have specific scheduling questions, call our office.

When is the best time to prune my trees?

What exactly do you do when you prune my trees and how will they look when you’re done?

Do you put stuff on the pruning cuts after you trim my tree?

Is my tree hazardous?

Can I cut off the roots popping up all over my lawn?

Should I just rent a stump grinder and remove a stump myself?

Can’t I just remove a tree myself if I have a chainsaw and a trailer?

Why do I need to prune small trees?

What should I do about broken branches in my tree?

Don’t trees just grow fine on their own? Why would I need to prune my trees?

What is the best way to trim my shrubs? Shears, hand-pruning?

Miscellaneous Tree & Shrub Questions

Why are my broadleaf evergreen plants all brown after winter?

Should I be concerned that there is a crack in my tree’s trunk or branches?

Is it okay if my tree is leaning?

Why are my pines turning brown and dropping needles in the fall?

Will frost damage my trees and shrubs?


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