“Thanks so much! The backyard looks so much better. It is a whole new yard. The two guys that did the work were the best ever. They even found a bird's nest and put it in another tree.”

—Jack M. - Lancaster, PA

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

tree climberSelecting the right tree pruning service is very important. Our company employs numerous Certified Arborists to provide you with the best advice and service for the pruning of trees large and small, as well as shrubs and hedges.

Why should I hire an ISA Certified Arborist?

Trees are one of your property’s most valuable assets. Trees provide both beauty and functional value. They can offer shade for areas of recreation, reduce energy costs, and increase the value of your property. To insure that they are cared for properly, it is essential that you use the most knowledgeable and trained tree trimming service for their pruning.

certified arboristWe employ more ISA Certified Arborists than any company in our local area. This rigorous credential program insures that you have professionals working on your property that know what it takes to care for your trees and keep them beautiful. Whether you are seeking a tree trimming company to remove a few select branches in your trees or need to remove hazardous, decaying branches our tree experts know the best way to prune your trees for their optimum health and can do so in a safe manner. Arboriculture has been said to be both an art and a science, and our knowledgeable crews know what it takes to care for your trees.

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Some of the main reasons to prune both young and mature trees are:

Crown Cleaning

tree trimming serviceIt is very important to remove dead, decaying, diseased, weakly attached, and low-vigor branches from the crown of the tree. By removing these unhealthy parts of a tree, we can prolong the life of your tree. This can reduce the spread of decay to the healthy parts of a tree. It can also remove potential hazards that often fall on structures, wires, and bystanders.

Crown Thinning

This pruning practice selectively removes branches uniformly throughout the tree’s canopy to improve structure and to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown. When a tree is properly pruned, this crown thinning technique reduces weight on heavy limbs while retaining the tree’s natural shape. Thinning a tree properly can sometimes help with turf density under the tree as it allows more sunlight to reach below. In some instances, it can also improve the disease resistance of certain trees and any understory plants below, as the increased air movement aids in the drying-out of their leaf tissue. Knowing which branches to prune is just as important as how to prune them. Making the cut at the wrong place or in the wrong manner can cause major damage for your tree in the years to come. Using a Certified Arborist will insure your tree service has individuals that have been properly trained to do this.

Crown Raising

tree on roofAs some trees mature their branches begin to sag blocking views both for beauty and for visibility. Selectively removing lower branches or portions of lower branches can in essence ‘raise’ the crown of your tree so that items below are not obstructed nor views of areas beyond them. This helps with clearing plants growing beneath trees, clearing roofs, and giving more visibility for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.How do I Know if my Trees Need Pruned?The majority of trees need pruned periodically. Depending upon the species, most trees should be pruned every 3-7 years. The sooner in a tree’s life you begin pruning it, the less potential for future problems there may be and the more it may save you in pruning costs in the long-run. The best thing to do is not to wait until there are problems or the tree is extremely thick to prune them. Mature trees are not the only trees to benefit from this type of pruning. Pruning young trees can promote stronger branch structures, improve trunk development, and train a tree to grow to a beautiful specimen in your landscape.

member tcia voice of tree careOur team utilizes both climbing techniques as well as the use of a bucket truck to perform tree pruning. We can also provide solutions for cabling or bracing weak branches for better support. Please consult with one of our Account Managers for this specific service and/or questions of how your tree pruning project will be performed.

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