“I am very pleased with your Tree & Shrub Care technician. He has been providing this service for many years and because of his hard work, our property looks great. If it were not for him, I know I would have scale and other diseases throughout our property.”

—Robert D. - Lancaster, PA

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Plant Nutrition

soil testingWe offer a variety of plant nutrition solutions for trees, shrubs, groundcover, and other landscape plants. Some of these applications may be advisable to include in an annual program as they deliver nutrients for plants by either granular applications for shrubs and groundcover, or with liquid-injected tree fertilization. Fertilizing trees replenishes missing plant foods in the soil, allowing your trees and shrubs to look healthier and to better handle the stresses of insects, diseases, mites, and environmental impacts.

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Liquid Tree Fertilizer

liquid tree fertilizerTrees may appear to grow fine on their own, but they decline over a period of time and particularly when they don’t have nutrient-rich soil. Remember, a tree’s natural habitat is not in a residential or commercial property, it is in a forest. This natural environment has leaf compost constantly being recycled into the soil to nourish trees. When you plant a tree in a landscape, it will need some extra help with regular fertilization. Optimum plant health is achieved in a variety of ways, with fertilizing trees as one of them. Our technicians will inject these nutrients approximately 18″ apart under the canopy of your tree so it can be taken in by your tree’s root system. This will promote better health and color.

Iron Tree Fertilizer

iron chlorosis on treeThere are some instances where trees become chlorotic, meaning it is not functioning properly to produce the normal leaf color. This is often a result of an iron deficiency. Symptoms are yellowing leaf tissue with a dark green halo around the veins in the leaves and can be on a portion of the leaves or entirely throughout the tree. Performing liquid iron injections for your trees or inserting iron tablets into the soil throughout the area below the tree can help to improve color. It is also advisable to perform a soil test to see if there are other nutrient or pH issues that are inhibiting the tree from taking in available iron in the soil.

Granular Shrub, Groundcover, and Plant Fertilizer

granular tree and shrub fertilizerIn some situations it is recommended to use granular fertilizer to deliver nutrients to your plants. Both newly-planted and existing plants benefit from granular fertilization. Adding this fertilization to these areas can help plants to grow to their full potential, with rich color, optimum flowering and fruiting, while developing a healthy root system.

Soil Amendments for Trees and Shrubs

Soil Test ReportWe commonly recommend soil tests for trees and shrubs. Each plant has its own specific pH it prefers to grow in as well as will function best when it has the right amount of other nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. When results of the soil test is returned, your Account Manager will prepare a custom proposal for each plant’s needs to get it moving back on track. Whether it is adding sulfur to lower the pH, or correcting other deficiencies, it is advisable to take additional soil tests for these plants every couple years, as these problems can take some time to correct.

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cetified arboristsOur company employs numerous ISA Certified Arborists to provide you with the best advice and treatment plans for Plant Health Care and Pruning of trees large and small, as well as shrubs and hedges. We would welcome the opportunity to assess your landscape for recommendations.

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