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Protect Yourself!

tick and mosquito controlIf you enjoy spending time outdoors, you know that certain pests not only pose a nuisance, but also health concerns. Pest such as mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme Disease. Even when taking the best precautionary steps it is common to come in contact with these pests in our area. Tomlinson Bomberger now offers a Tick & Mosquito Control Program that will help reduce activity of these pests around your property! These treatments are made 4 times from spring through early fall to areas known for harboring ticks and mosquitoes.

We target areas such as:

  • Shrubs
  • Groundcover
  • Low-hanging branches
  • Eaves and overhangs
  • Edge habitats, tall grasses and vegetation
  • Standing Water (mosquito breeding areas)

If you’d like to learn more about our Tick & Mosquito Control Program or any of our other Pest Control services, please contact us today!

Do you Know how to Mow like a Pro?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile cutting your hair to a specific length may be a matter of preference, your lawn cutting technique shouldn’t be decided based upon convenience, mood, or preference. There is a right way to mow and many wrong ways. A lawn mowed at less than 3” will grow more weeds and crabgrass, as well as be damaged by drought stress quicker. See a case study, and more info on two lawns treated identically, that got different results due to mowing.

ugly retaining wall7 Clues that you may need a New Landscape

1)  Your trees are half of what they used to be because you’ve chopped them back year after year.

2)  Your old walkway and patio are so uneven it looks like it has grown its own steps.

3)  You’ve gotten 25+ years out of it, but it looks outdated.

4)  There are holes in your landscape from missing plants.

5)  Your wall is leaning so much it looks like it needs a V8.

6)  Nature is taking revenge and strangling your structures and plants.

7)  Your plants are so overgrown it looks like your house is shrinking.

Read more to see if your landscape is due for a makeover.

Co-worker Spotlight

Joel Schock

Since 2012, we have been fortunate to have Joel Schock as one of our team members. Joel has been working in the landscape industry his entire professional career. We appreciate the knowledge and experience that enables Joel help our team regularly. In 2013, Joel was the recipient of the “Bomberger Award” which is given annually to one of our team members in recognition of conscientious service to coworkers.

A Great Deal for You!

Tomlinson Bomberger appreciates having a long relationship with Clipper Magazine, as an advertising vendor and also servicing their property. Please enjoy this discount coupon on behalf of them and us. Have a wonderful spring and thank you again for your business!