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“Expert” is not a relative term. When it comes to creating and maintaining beautiful lawns, the bare-minimum education and credentials are simply just not enough to meet the standard of service we would like to provide. That’s why we offer certification programs such as PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician to further educate our team.

Congratulations to Greg Tomlinson, Curt Walter, Jeannette Fertig, Matt Fulmer, Ron Stark, Steve Heydt, and Ryan Mason for passing their exams! To receive this designation, they had to pass a test that covered 14 comprehensive lessons pertaining to the management of turfgrass. Now we have even more experts on staff!


Your trees are one of your property’s most valuable assets. Caring for them properly is a matter of their life or death. Tree & Shrub Care is both an art and a science, and can make a huge difference in what you see in your landscape and in your wallet.

Being proactive is the way to go. Not only does proactive Tree & Shrub Care save you money, but it means allowing a mature landscape to beautifully develop, instead of removing and replacing sick, damaged plants regularly.

3 Key Points to Consider

  • Right Diagnosis:  What exactly is the problem? Diagnosis can be confusing. Often times, insect damage is suspected when it is actually a mite problem. A disease issue may actually be a secondary issue to a larger health concern of a plant. Making the right diagnosis is critical to determining what steps are next.
  • Right Recommendations:  Tree & Shrub Care is a comprehensive approach. Whether it is applying an insecticide, miticide, fungicide, or materials to enhance soil nutrition, the right materials make a big impact.
  • Right Timing:  Even with the right diagnosis and recommendations, with the wrong timing, it can mean complete ineffectiveness.

We welcome the opportunity to help you with caring for your trees and shrubs. Contact us today if you need guidance!

Since 2002, we have been fortunate to have Dave Ryan as one of our team members. Dave has had over 22 years of experience in the tree industry, specializing in all areas of tree pruning, removal, and stump grinding. We love Dave’s conscientious work ethic.

In 2012, Dave was the recipient of the “Tomlinson Award” which is given annually to one of our team members that has shown care and concern for clients and has also demonstrated admirable performance in the field.


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