cricketWhat may have been a cute idea for a reason-speaking character in an animated movie, isn’t a guest you’d be happy to have in your home. The only advice you’d be seeking in regards to that cricket chirping in your house will be how to get rid of him so you can sleep at night. Cricket sounds outside are one of the many five-sense enjoyments of nature. There’s nothing like a camping trip or a relaxing evening rest on the deck listening to the chirps of a cricket chorus.

However, one of them wonders inside and you may lose your mind trying to find the little fella that’s chirping over your favorite television show airing on the den television. Crickets are grouped into the “Occasional Invaders” category of pests. They sometimes will make their way accidentally into a garage or basement or commercial building driving some of the inhabitants nuts as they search for this covert crooner. This close relative of the cockroach prefers rotting plant matter for a food source, but they will also munch on tender leaves, fungi and fruit when the opportunity presents itself. They like to burrow into the undergrowth of wooded areas, and mulch, where there’s plenty of food as well as shelter from predators.

Camel Crickets, Cave Crickets, Brown Crickets, and other varieties are common nuisance pests in Central Pennsylvania. They don’t commonly become primary pest control concerns of property owners, but they can become occasional problems in a structure. Cricket control is best achieved through a variety of methods. Exclusion (sealing entry points tightly) is always a good idea. Make sure weather stripping around doors is tight enough that crickets cannot squeeze inside.

pest sprayingWhen it comes to applying treatments for cricket control, there are some baits available but the best method is to spray the exterior of a structure periodically throughout the year on a Quarterly Pest Control program. These regular treatments can be performed by a Pest Management company (or exterminator in old terminology). When applied to areas around the foundation of a structure, these low-toxicity liquid materials do a great job of controlling cricket populations, particularly individual insects that make their way into the house to meet their demise after being exposed to these materials.

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