“We were very pleased with the tick/mosquito program. Prior to the treatments it was common for us to find ticks on our clothing after mowing or playing in our back yard. Last year there wasn't a single time when we found ticks on us.”

—Shaun K. - Reinholds, PA

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Tick and Mosquito Control Services

tick and mosquito controlIf you enjoy spending time outdoors, you know that certain pests not only pose a nuisance, but a health concern. Pests such as mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases such as West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, and Zika Virus. Even when taking the best precautionary steps with protecting yourself from ticks and mosquitoes, it is common to come in dangerous contact with these pests.

Tick & Mosquito Control Program

tick and mosquito controlOur Tick & Mosquito Control Program will substantially reduce the population of these pests on your property. Ticks and Mosquitoes spend a lot of time resting on areas we can treat to not only control them upon contact, but also reduce future problems. The materials we apply will continue to control these pests for 4-6 weeks after treatment.

  • 4 treatments made from spring through fall, spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart.
  • Treatments include areas known for harboring ticks and mosquitoes such as:  shrubs, groundcover, low-hanging branches, eaves and overhangs, undersides of decks, and edge habitats with tall grasses and vegetation if recommended.
  • Insect growth regulator into standing water areas to target mosquito larvae. This material is safe for humans, animals, and fish, but does not allow mosquitoes to mature into the flying, biting adults.
  • Our methods produce immediate results in controlling ticks and mosquitoes on contact and reducing their resurgence by interrupting their breeding cycles and establishing a protective treatment barrier.

This program automatically continues unless we are notified in advance.

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mosquito control“The new mosquito treatment last year allowed our family to finally enjoy our backyard after 5 years of living in our home. Mosquitoes were so bad in our backyard, I rarely spent time outdoors because of the terrible bites. I am so relieved that we have a safe environment for children and pets to play, and an enjoyable entertaining space too, without the uninvited pest guests!” – Keely H., Lancaster, PA

tick questing“We were very pleased with the Tick & Mosquito program. Prior to the treatments it was common for us to find ticks on our clothing after mowing or playing in our back yard. Last year there wasn’t a single time when we found ticks on us.” – Shaun K., Reinholds, PA


Tick Control

ticks in central paOur area is notorious for a high level of tick activity and Lyme Disease cases. Out of 3194 counties in the United States that had confirmed reports of Lyme Disease, in the top 100 counties, you will find Chester County, York County, Berks County, Dauphin County, Lebanon County, and Lancaster County. Lyme Disease cases have taken an unfortunate upturn in the past decade, in spite of public awareness. These cases most often start in the months from May through September.

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“I cannot say enough about how great the Tick & Mosquito program is. Our property is heavily used for dog training. We pay a very high cost to treat our dogs in training topically with medication to kill ticks. For the first time ever, last year, even with the dogs being treated we found over 15 ticks on our dogs! After Tomlinson Bomberger treated our yard we did not find any more ticks until the week of our 2nd yard treatment! I cannot recommend this program enough. We found the lack of mosquitoes a bonus, too!” – Linzey Z., Lititz, PA

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Mosquito Control

west nile virus paMosquitoes carry many diseases, including West Nile virus. With many cases of West Nile virus reported in our area, Central PA has proven to be a notorious area for mosquito activity. One in five people infected with West Nile virus will develop symptoms such as:  headache, body aches, joint pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue that can last for a few weeks. It’s rare that, severe cases can develop into serious neurological illnesses, but  mosquitoes are still a major nuisance for people who love to spend time outdoors in the summer.

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“We had no signs of ticks and can’t remember any mosquitoes either. I’d say the application was a success and we will do it again this year.” – BJ H., Elizabethtown, PA


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