“I'd like to say how much I was impressed on the first visit and application of pest control. I think the applicator did a fine job and explained what he was doing. I’m looking forward to doing business in the future. I'm impressed with the tapes and traps instead of all the sprays inside the house. Thanks again for a good job.”

—John G. - Mount Joy, PA

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Stink Bug Control Services

stinkbug managementThe brown marmorated stink bug has been one of the main nuisance pests in our area over the past decade. Stink Bugs are not native to Pennsylvania, but rather an imported pest from Asia. These insects first made there appearance in Central PA in the mid-late 1990s. These pests pose no substantial risk to structures, people, or animals, but are a major nuisance as they squeeze their way into structures during periods of time when weather transitions in the fall.

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In order to get rid of stink bugs, there is a two-pronged approach to stink bug control that incorporates both physical exclusion and application of materials on a regular basis throughout the year on the exterior of structures. As these methods are executed, there is a substantial reduction in brown marmorated stink bug populations inside a structure. Eradication is not possible, but drastic reduction can be very obtainable. Treatment for Stink Bugs is included in our Quarterly Pest Control program.

Physical Exclusion:  Stink Bugs can squeeze their way into structures very easily through window cracks, voids in weather stripping, and under siding. Two of the main areas we see this occurring is through vents in window air conditioners, and down chimneys without proper screening applied. Our pest control technicians will look for these areas and others and make them aware to you to get better Stink Bug control. Physical exclusion methods are best achieved when the property owner does this themselves. For larger or harder to accomplish projects, consult with a construction-services provider.

stink bug controlStink Bug Control Treatments:  It is possible to kill Stink Bugs with the use of a liquid control material. This material is applied to soffit and overhangs, around windows and doors, under siding, and other areas the technician foresees as a potential entry point for Stink Bugs. These materials will last for several months and then break down, so repeated treatments are necessary, thus not permitting one-time treatments for Stink Bugs. Spraying for Stink Bugs is best when performed by a professional service since they have access to superior materials as well as specialized equipment that can reach areas of entry better and kill stink bugs more efficiently.

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