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Bed Bug Treatment Services

Bed bugWe offer professional services for Bed Bug Control for both residential properties and commercial facilities of all sorts, large or small. If you suspect you have Bed Bugs, please take a few moments to read more below. If you are confident you have Bed Bugs, please contact us. One of our Pest Control experts will be happy to set up a time to come and provide you with the treatment options available for you after surveying your structure.

Bed Bug Control is achieved by a series of 3 treatments, spaced approximately 2 weeks apart. We will warranty this service for 90 days after the last treatment in this series is completed.

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Bed Bugs derive their name from their close association with human sleeping areas, although they are found in other dimly lit places like movie theaters, and are frequently found in hotels from the influx of travelers carrying these pests in their luggage. They are blood feeders that live in the cracks, crevices, nooks, crannies and tight places found on mattresses, box springs, bedroom furniture, luggage, etc. Most bitten individuals will develop a whitish, painful welt at the wound site. Bed Bugs are very curious, and will readily investigate new things in their environment, ending up in luggage, back packs, handbags, and other items that help distribute them to new environments in homes and other structures. Infected persons will note the blood stains on light colored bedding.

bed bug sniffing dogA thorough inspection by a trained professional is required to locate the places Bed Bugs are hiding, and only a professional should be involved in treating infested structures and furnishings. In multiple family dwellings, hotels & motels, it is advisable to inspect and possibly treat units adjoining the infested areas. When recommended, a bed bug-sniffing dog can be utilized to locate specific locations where these insects may be located in a larger commercial facility. Bed Bug control is an extensive application that can take multiple hours and even days. The trained, professional Bed Bug control specialist essentially has to treat every item and surface in the infested area to kill Bed Bugs. The preparation a property owners are asked to do requires a large time investment to help the bed bug control treatment to be more effective. Attaining Bed Bugs control is a cooperative effort between property owner and the respective pest control management company.

Services for Bed Bugs are available for both residential and commercial properties, but are not included in the Quarterly Pest Control Program and priced separately based upon the severity of infestation and area of spaces that will need to be treated.

bed bug preventionBed Bugs are most often introduced into a home after families travel and stay in hotels or other lodging. To learn about how to prevent bringing bed bugs into your home, check out our blog!

green check markIf you have a Bed Bug treatment scheduled and want to know how you will need to prepare for this service, download the Bed Bug Treatment Checklist.

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