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“The job went beautifully. Your crew was cheerful and friendly. Outstanding customer service.”

—James & Sandra M. - Landisville, PA

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3 Lawn Care Tips for the First-Time Homebuyer

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Closing day on your new home is finally here!  There are final details to work out and a TON of paperwork to sign…but now the home is yours! You’ve been dreaming about this for a while, and want everything to […]

2 Popular Stink Bug Myths – Debunked!

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You’ve experienced this before: the horror of finding a stink bug in your Lancaster area home, the fear of not knowing how it got in, and the rush as you try to get rid of it before it can smell […]

6 Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

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winter lawn care tips for lancaster, pa

As we head into the second week of October, we start seeing the effects of beginning to hit: cooler weather, leaves turning brilliant colors, and pumpkin spice lattes. But pretty soon it will be winter, with the leaves gone, the […]

Ten Commandments of Lawn Care

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I am one of those few lucky people you meet who gets the opportunity to wake up each day and do what I love – going to work for me is more often a joy than drudgery. I’m especially blessed […]

Case Study: From Old Deck to a New Paver Patio

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Something needed done about that ugly deck. The new Denver, PA homeowner couldn’t take it anymore. The prior owner did what they could to make it presentable for the sale. They scrubbed it and slathered on another coat of paint […]

Turning an Ugly Lawn into the Best Grass on the Block

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It’s an uncomfortable truth.  Everyone has “that house” on their block.  You know the one I’m talking about…their weeds infest other people’s lawns, it’s brown and gnarly looking, and it seems to be in a constant state of needing to […]

7 Signs You’re Hiring the Wrong Pest Control Company

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choosing a pest control company

Pest control services are not typically an item that people take a particularly long time to research. Property owners find ants on the counter, get bit up by mosquitoes, or find mouse droppings and take the first reasonable price with […]

Best and Worst Ways to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

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japanese beetles on leaf

Summertime brings the grand opening to a backyard buffet for Japanese Beetles. This insect feeds on 300 species of plants with several dozen common on properties throughout Lancaster, PA and surrounding counties we our tree service covers in Lebanon, York, […]

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