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“Tomlinson Bomberger is definitely customer service oriented; in fact they're VERY customer service oriented! I actually feel like it’s a personalized kind of customer service! If there's a problem, they're right there. From the top management to the crew that comes here, they take a lot of pride in what they do, and make sure it's right. They're good people.”

—Sam P. - Manheim, PA

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Three Tips for Pruning Your Shrubs

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Spring is a great time to start planning for your summer pruning, trimming, and/or shearing of your shrubs. But what method is best for your landscape? Knowing the best method to prune and trim is critical! Pruning a plant at […]

What’s Up with Emerald Ash Borer?

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Identifying and Eliminating EAB It can happen suddenly; that tree that provides a lot of quality shade for the back patio looks sick. The canopy isn’t as full as it once was, and it’s losing leaves at the top. What’s […]

Why DIY Pest Control Might Not Work With Ants

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carpenter ants

Ants can be a major annoyance to homeowners, and no species of ant can be more annoying than the odorous house ant. A colony of odorous house ants can grow to contain many thousands of ants and has multiple queens. […]

Three Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Green in 2017

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Broadleaf Control

Did your lawn take a beating in 2016? Now is the perfect time to start planning to keep your lawn looking good through 2017! There were over 30 days between June and August of last year where temperatures had reached […]

The Ultimate Lawn Care Calendar

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The ultimate lawn does not happen overnight. But, if your lawn care company follows this calendar of treatments, your property is well on its way towards the ultimate lawn. Patience and Skill Required When looking to define the ultimate lawn […]

Natural Stone Walls and your Landscaping

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Natural stone walls can add a stunning landscape accent and functional use to a landscape design on many residential and commercial properties. Depending upon your personal preference and the style of your structure, these type of retaining walls can be […]

How to Identify Common Winter Household Pests

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Pests are a nuisance that are annoying, create damage, and gross out you and your family. During winter months, many pests will enter your home seeking food and warmth. That’s why many homeowners turn to a pest control service in […]

3 Lawn Care Tips for the First-Time Homebuyer

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Closing day on your new home is finally here!  There are final details to work out and a TON of paperwork to sign…but now the home is yours! You’ve been dreaming about this for a while, and want everything to […]

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