Brush Control & Vegetation Management Services

weed controlBrush and weeds can grow in almost any environment. Wooded areas, gravel lots, fence lines, landscape planting beds, and parking lots can become polluted by weeds. Our Vegetation Management Services are a proactive approach to addressing these concerns on both commercial and residential properties.

Undergrowth in areas can be managed through regular applications of brush control herbicides. In addition, some sites can benefit from soil sterillant or pre-emergent herbicide applications to prevent or reduce weed populations. In instances where landscape planting beds are plagued with weed growth, our Account Managers can create a Shrub Bed Weed Control Program that incorporates pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control, and hand-pulling options for a variety of budgets to maintain your landscape.

Shrub Bed Weed Control Programs

For years, Tomlinson Bomberger has been managing landscapes both on residential and commercial properties. One aspect of this task is maintaining landscape beds that appear tidy without unsightly weed growth. Through regular applications of Post-emergent and Pre-emergent Herbicides, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of grass and weed growth in landscape beds throughout the growing season.

  • Custom Designed Programs:  Every property is different, and within each property each landscape area requires a different approach. The majority of our clients find success in the approach of our 6-Visit Shrub Bed Weed Control Program. This program typically begins in late Winter/early Spring and applies treatments every 4-6 weeks until late Fall. However, there are some exceptions depending upon each property’s exposure and history of weed populations. Some properties can require more or less than this typical approach depending upon multiple factors. An account manager will be able to survey your site and determine what approach may be best for your needs.
  • Pre-emergent Weed Controls:  These granular materials will reduce the amount of weed seeds that will germinate in your landscape beds. They are typically applied 2-3 times per year and help to reduce most varieties of weeds in your landscape from appearing.
  • Post-Emergent Weed Controls:  These liquid materials are used to spot-treat landscape areas for weeds on most visits. By using both selective and non-selective materials, we are able to control a large portion of weeds after they germinate. This will drastically reduce the amount of hand-pulling of weeds a property will need each year.
  • Weeding & Mulching:  Sometimes a program isn’t enough. If a landscape has large weeds growing in it before a program is initiated, or there are problematic varieties of weeds, it may be advised to have the existing weeds hand-pulled beforehand or periodically. Annual mulching of your landscape beds is also a strong recommendation to reduce weed growth. Our landscape maintenance crews are capable of getting your property in shape so that a Shrub Bed Weed Control Program can be started. An account manager will be able to provide proposals for these services if they are needed in addition to your program, as they are not included in its pricing.

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