“Our lawn stayed healthy when other lawns around us would become stressed. The color stayed green all season and the lawn had less weeds with very minimal weed control applied with your Soil-Smart Lawn Care Program!”

—Kam M. - Lancaster, PA

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Soil-Smart Lawn Care Program

soil-smart lawn care programWould you like a beautiful lawn while reducing pesticides and synthetic fertilizers by up to 75%? Then the Soil-Smart Lawn Care program is for you!

This lawn care program uses an organic, pro-biotic, bio-nutritional compost tea that will make your lawn thick and green, while developing healthy soil and healthy lawn roots.

Soil-Smart Lawn Care Visits include:

  • Visit 1: Bio-nutritional Fertilizer, Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control*
  • Visit 2: Bio-nutritional Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed Control*, Preventative Grub Control*, Surface-feeding Insect Control*
  • Visit 3: Bio-nutritional Fertilizer, Spot-Treatment Weeds*, Nutsedge*, and Post-emergent Crabgrass Control*
  • Visit 4: Bio-nutritional Fertilizer, Spot-Treatment Weeds*, Nutsedge*, and Post-emergent Crabgrass Control*
  • Visit 5: Bio-nutritional Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed Control*
  • Visit 6: Bio-nutritional Fertilizer


*Rates of herbicides and insecticides are drastically reduced while still maintaining the results of traditional lawn care applications. Our bio-nutritional materials enhance control materials to deliver the same results with less synthetic materials!

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How does the Soil-Smart Lawn Care Program work?

soil-smart lawn careOur program uses a 100% organic bio-nutritional product that promotes a healthier lawn, which uptakes nutrients and control materials more easily. Using this material over time will restore many naturally-occurring LIVING micro-organisms which work together to restore soil to functional performance like nature intended! This will help your lawn to resist disease and insect issues better. As your soil improves and your lawn begins to function more efficiently, this drastically reduces the need for traditional fertilizer, weed control, and insect control materials.

Many people have used analogies to help explain how this works. Soil-Smart restores nature’s intended functions, much like what pro-biotic yogurt does for our body. In the soil, these live organisms are already present. Adding our bio-nutritional materials over time will help to promote a healthier lawn instead of just treating ongoing symptoms.

Soil-Smart Lawn Care has also been compared to hybrid vehicles. You get the best of both worlds. You can reduce chemicals on your lawn by as much as 75% and still control weeds and insects in your healthy and beautiful lawn!

Product research and client experience has validated claims for years that using this bio-nutritional, 100% plant-based material has improved many lawns, both on residential and commercial properties.

Can I use the Soil-Smart Lawn Care Program at my property?

At the present time, we only provide this type of lawn care program to residential properties. This program is recommended only for lawns in average or better condition. If your lawn has a high concentration of weeds or is extremely thin or bare, we recommend first seeding your lawn and using our Premium Lawn Care Program for at least one year before switching to the Soil-Smart Lawn Care Program.

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