“WOW! Our lawn looks so much better after just one spray. I was surprised!”

—Chris R. - Elizabethtown, PA

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Basic Lawn Care Program

basic lawn care programThis program is our recommendation for property owners who want to maintain a basic approach to their lawn care needs for a lesser cost option. This six-visit program consists of the basic items a lawn may need relating to Synthetic-Based Fertilization, Weed Control, and Crabgrass Control. The visits are as follows:

Basic Lawn Care Visits include:

  • Visit 1: Fertilizer & Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
  • Visit 2: Fertilizer & Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Visit 3: Spot-Treatment of Broadleaf Weed Control, Post-emergent Crabgrass Control, and Nutsedge Control
  • Visit 4: Spot-Treatment of Broadleaf Weed Control, Post-emergent Crabgrass Control, and Nutsedge Control
  • Visit 5: Fertilizer & Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Visit 6: Winterizer Fertilizer

Broadleaf Control

Our firm recommendation is to select our Premium Lawn Care Program, as it proactively includes many more treatments than this lawn care program. If a lesser service option is chosen, such as this Basic Lawn Care Program, applications to address issues not mentioned above can be added at additional charges. Such applications not included on the Basic Lawn Care Program could be:  Nutsedge Control, Surface Insect Control, Post-Emergent Crabgrass Control, and a maintenance rate of Limestone.

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These programs automatically continue each year unless we are notified in advance.

We understand it can be difficult to compare lawn care programs from different lawn care service providers. Just because a company packages their program as a “Six-Visit” program, doesn’t mean it includes all the things that are in another company’s program. Learn how to compare lawn care programs.

We strive to deliver consistent, quality lawn care service applications on every visit to your property. To do this, we stay up to date on the cutting edge materials in our industry, test them to find the ones that work the best, and put quality people on your property to perform the service. It’s not just enough for us to have bare-minimum training for our lawn care technicians. We want them to be experts so we insist they go beyond the state minimum requirements to treat a lawn. Pennsylvania only requires a lawn care technician to be a “Registered Technician”. We go a step beyond that and make sure they are a “Licensed Technician”. In most cases, our lawn care technicians have even completed additional training programs. They aren’t there to just apply materials to your lawn. They are there to inspect, properly diagnose whatever issues you may have, and treat accordingly or leave recommendations. You deserve the best. That’s what we aim to give you. Find out why the folks at Tomlinson Bomberger are the Lawn Care Experts.


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