“I would like to say that our experience working with your staff has been the best. What a beautiful landscaping job and the assortment of perennials was just what we had hoped for! Thank you for going that extra mile. We will enjoy this for many years to come.”

—Larry S. - Lancaster, PA

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plant installationWhether you’re considering tree planting in your front yard landscaping, installing a new hedge, or adding some annual color to your commercial landscaping, there are literally thousands of varieties of plants that may be available to use on your property. Choosing the right plants, installing them in the right locations and in the proper manner can not only beautify your property, but it can add functionality to your landscape and increase overall property value.

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Choosing the Right Plants for your Landscaping Design

landscaping plantingAdding the right plants to your landscaping design can give you decades of beauty on your property. If properly selected and placed, these additions can provide multi-season interest with colorful foliage, vibrant flowers, unique bark, showy fruit to attract wildlife, and even provide other valuable functions. A carefully planned and installed landscape can provide screening for privacy, improve security of your site, and even lower energy costs to heat and cool your home. Depending upon the light exposure, moisture content, and other site considerations, knowing which plant is suitable for each area of your property is essential to maximize your investment, lower maintenance, and maximize enjoyment.

Choosing Between the many Landscaping Companies Available

flower plantingOnce carefully chosen, landscape plants should be selected just as carefully to insure you are getting the best value for the specimens you have chosen. Using Tomlinson Bomberger’s landscape planting services means that quality nursery stock will be selected, and care will be given at every step to help beautify your property by our highly-trained workers. Plants will be properly spaced, and proper installation techniques will be used to give your plants the best chance they can have for survival for a long, healthy life. Strictly following best practices and selecting quality materials allow us to offer warranties on the majority of plants we install.

PLNA MemberUsing a landscaping company that offers a wide array of services to not only install these plants but to maintain them will give you a comprehensive approach to landscape design. We not only know these plants when they are young and small, but we also prune trees when they are mature, care for trees and shrubs throughout their lifetime with the many insect, mite, and disease challenges they face. We’re committed to keeping your landscape looking its best for decades after the finish of your installation project. Whether it’s trimming bushes, fertilizing trees, or mulching your landscape beds, we’ve got you covered.

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watering instructions for plantsWatering your new trees, shrubs, flowers, and groundcover is critical to their survival, especially during the first year of their life. There are a lot of misconceptions on how to properly water plants. In order to protect your investment as well as to maintain your warranty on new plantings in some cases, please be sure to download our New Planting Watering Instructions to help their success.

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