Landscaping Weed Control Services

thistleWhether you’re trying to improve or maintain the image of your commercial property or your home, managing weeds in your landscaping beds is an important element of landscape maintenance. Hand-pulling of weeds can take a lot of your time or incur labor cost to have a landscaping company perform this service for you. However, there are alternatives to reduce cost and labor and keep your shrub beds looking beautiful.

Shrub Bed Weed Control Program

Applying a combination of Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent weed control materials in your landscape beds can drastically reduce the need for hand-pulling of weeds, up to 70% in most situations. Having these services performed throughout the year will help maintain a beautiful property.

Shrub Bed Weed Control Program

mulch in handsPre-Emergent Weed Control:  These granular and liquid treatments are performed a few times throughout the year to reduce seed germination of weeds in your mulched beds. Preventing and reducing the emergence of weeds in your beds can keep your landscape from getting out of control.

Fence SprayingPost-Emergent Weed Control:  Spot-spraying your landscape beds throughout the year will help to control most weeds present at the time of treatment. The more frequent these visits are, the smaller the weeds will be, thus easier to control. This can eliminate the need to hand-pull weeds in many areas.

plantingSafe for Trees & Shrubs:  The materials we use will not harm your trees, shrubs, or flowers. In some situations, we can treat specific weeds (even Canadian Thistles) growing through groundcover plants as well. Areas with tender annuals planted in them may not be able to be treated with post-emergent materials.

Shrub Bed Weed Control Program results

Pricing:  The cost of these services depends on the sq. ft. of landscape beds to be treated and the number of visits recommended. For maximum weed control results we recommend 6 visits, but some properties with a small amount of weed pressure can benefit from as little as 4 visits. These visits begin in early March and continue through late fall to prevent early weeds of next season. On a full-program of 6 visits, these services will occur on approximately 4-6 week intervals. We also strongly recommend to mulch your landscape beds each year for good results.

This program is meant to maintain beds in average or better condition, to keep them looking their best. If your landscape beds are full of weeds, an additional initial clean-up of beds may be required at an additional cost.

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We also provide custom solutions to manage weeds and brush at commercial sites, gravel lots, athletic fields, and banks, etc. and would be happy to give you a free estimate.

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