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Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting A good landscaping design and installation can add value and function to your property. Whether a part of your front landscaping, backyard landscaping, or commercial landscaping, the beauty and use of these areas shouldn’t be limited to only during the day. Adding professional landscape lighting will allow these areas on your property to be viewed and used no matter what the hour. Landscape lighting not only reveals the beauty of your structures during night hours, but it also can create a safer property that is easier to navigate in the dark for yourself or guests, and illuminates areas to deter intruders.

Using landscape lighting to up-light an ornamental tree, light a path, and accent structures and hardscaping allows 24-hour enjoyment. Professional Landscape lighting is best achieved by using high-quality lighting products, far superior than those you may be able to purchase at a local home improvement store. These solutions come in a wide array of styles and finishes that will complement your structures and landscape, last for decades, and could even possibly save energy costs.

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What is the Landscape Lighting Design & Installation Process?

landscape lighting uplightingProfessional landscape lighting can be a part of a new installation at a home or commercial property, or further enhancement to an existing landscape design. Our designers will guide your through the landscape lighting design process to best achieve the purpose and uses for your lighting needs and ideas. They will help you to decide what particular brand, finish, and style of lighting suits your property as well as discuss the options for either incandescent or LED landscape lighting.

Our experienced crews will handle your lighting installation in a conscientious and professional matter to insure optimum longevity for your lighting. Much consideration will be given to making sure your lighting is properly spaced and wired. We will show you how to operate your lighting, change bulbs, and where important controls are located.

Types of Landscape Lighting Techniques

landscape lightingWhether lighting a path, uplighting a tree, highlighting plant specimens, or illuminating a wall or other hardscaping element, we utilize a number of techniques to beautifully light your property. If you’d like more detail on specific landscape lighting techniques, click here.

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