Would you like a 4-seasons landscape? Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your landscape plantings. With proper landscape design, you can utilize features of specific plants that will let you enjoy them during those cold, winter months.

Needled Evergreens: There are dozens of common needled evergreen trees and shrubs that add color and texture to the landscape year-round, but particularly look fantastic in the winter. Think outside of the typical. Sure, trees like Eastern White Pines and shrubs like Yews are good traditional staples in a landscape, but using other varieties in groupings or as specimen plants give color and texture variations. Here’s a couple you may not think of to consider past the old stand-by varieties.

blue atlas cedar

Blue Atlas Cedar

serbian spruce

Serbian Spruce

Broadleaf Evergreens: Evergreen doesn’t mean it has to be a needled plant. There are many shrubs and trees that hold their leaves throughout the winter. These leaves come in different shades, shapes, and textures. Using a variety of these shrubs allows for a beautiful winter display as well as provides functionality to hide views and objects like utility boxes, etc. Here’s a couple plants to consider.

cherry laurel

‘Otto Luyken’ Cherry Laurel

gold euonymus

Golden Euonymus

Fruiting Plants: Many shrubs and trees will develop fruit from late fall through late winter. This fruit can paint your landscape with color as well as provide food for wildlife such as birds. Here’s some great fruiting plants to consider.

american holly

American Holly



winterberry holly

Winterberry Holly

Unique Bark: Brown and gray are colors, you know. Just because it isn’t bright green or red doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide color. There are plants that have wonderful shades and textures to display with their bark. Some of these plants show off these features even more once their leaves have fallen to no longer obscure this beauty. Here’s a few to consider adding to your landscape.

red twig dogwood

Red Twig or Yellow Twig Dogwoods

paperbark maple bark

Paperbark Maple

If your landscape is dull and dreary as the winter months, consulting with a landscaping company that employs talented landscape designers can help you wrap your head around these improvements or even planning a new landscape. A good landscape designer will help to discover your specific needs, interests, and likes to give you that 4-season beauty around your home.

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Serbian Spruce by MPF Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported licesnse