Some homes in the springtime could be the movie-set for a film entitled, “Invasion of the Termite Swarmers”. An unsuspecting homeowner may respond with fear or disgust, with desperate shouts of “Where are they all coming from?”, or “Why do we have all these bugs?”. “All these bugs”, are termite swarmers, exiting from an existing colony.

ant vs. termiteWhen it is the right combination of atmospheric conditions, especially temperature and humidity, the swarmers leave the colony with the sole purpose of reproduction. Their flight is short and weak, because the reproductive termites lose their wings very quickly. The majority die on their own, never getting the opportunity to mate and successfully find a new home in the soil to establish a new colony.

The body of a termite swarmer is only about half the length of its wings, and there is no noticeable segments or separations of the body, which is very visible and obvious with ants. Also, an ant has a bent antenna, as opposed to the straight antenna of a termite. As interesting as you may find all this information, you may be thinking, “So what’s the big deal?”

termite swarmersThe “big deal”, is where there is a termite colony, there are worker termites. Workers termites eat wood, without care or concern that this wood is in your house. They are about the size of a grain of rice, no wings, and similar in color to that of a maggot.(light tan or creme color). These little guys are the real “nemesis” in this story of home invasion, and threaten the safety and stability of any wooden structure. The ” hero” who appears on the scene, is the professional pest control company with personnel trained in the identification, treatment, and eradication of termites. With technicians using the latest termite control technology and materials, your epic story could conclude with a happy ending.

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