tree stumpThere are a variety reasons to remove tree stumps. After a property owner removes a tree from the landscape, the task of grinding the stump becomes a priority. Stump Removal is not only for aesthetic or functional reasons. Decaying tree stumps left in a landscape are broken-down by wood-decomposing fungi. If live plants are in proximity of these decaying stumps, those same fungi can start to work on the desired, live plants as well. Removing the tree stump is necessary to reduce the spread of that fungi.

Grinding stumps has some advantages over digging them out. When a stump is dug out, there is often more debris removed. Tree roots hold fast to soil, rocks, etc. nearby, making an even larger hole in the ground than needed. Grinding the stump will shred into small pieces, the stump, immediate root mass, and at times surface roots as well. This allows the site space for its new function of either a new turf area or a planting site for a new tree.

stump-removal-300x225The chips need to be completely removed from the stump grinding area. Remember, these chips will start to have that fungal activity to decay and break-down their organic matter, and that’s something you don’t want near a new tree. In addition, you can’t grow grass on top of wood chips. You need fresh topsoil for a proper seed bed.

Areas where stumps are ground often settle in the couple years afterwards. These areas may need to have additional soil added in subsequent years to adjust the grade.

Stump grinders can be rented from equipment rental companies. However, these grinders are often light duty and cannot handle larger stumps nor grind to a depth needed to completely remove the stump. If you consult with a company with a Certified Arborist, they can give you pricing for stump grinding. This will vary depending on the amount of stumps in the project, their location, and the access to the site.

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