termitesUnfortunately, termites can’t tell the difference between the wood in that old tree stump in the back lawn and the wood providing structural support for your home. Every year, millions of homes are infested with subterranean termites causing irreversible damage. When property owners come to the realization of their problem they will need to find a pest control service that performs termite applications to remedy the situation. In most cases, it is advisable to perform a liquid termiticide application.

termite mud tubeTermites are “subterranean” meaning they will spend time both in and out of the soil. They need precious moisture found in the soil to survive and also use it to construct mud tubes to travel in. This continuous flow of traffic from in the structure to outside provides a great opportunity to introduce a control material. In most cases, we use a product called Termidor. This material is undetectable to the termites. They go along their merry way for weeks, coming in contact with the material. Termidor also doesn’t immediately kill the termites, but rather lets them carry the material to the thousands of other workers, reproductives, larvae, and queen of the colony. Over the period of the next weeks or months of the application, the material makes its way into all of the colony. This is why Termidor is the preferred material to control subterranean termites.

142_Quality Pro LogoThe material is applied to the soil around the structure. In most cases, there is soil meeting the foundation. Here, the material is injected into the soil to form a continuous perimeter treatment. In areas where there is pavement or concrete, the termite control technician will drill small holes into those surfaces and actually inject the material into the soil underneath. Then the holes are patched with the appropriate filler.

Termidor remains in the soil for decades so as long as the soil isn’t disturbed. This means that it can even help with prevention of termites returning. However, it is recommended to maintain a pest control company to perform yearly inspections for termites, especially in the areas of previous infestation. Most services, like our own termite treatments, come with an optional warranty. This warranty is usually maintained with a small fee that covers the cost of the annual inspection. For more information about us performing a termite application to your property, feel free to contact us.

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