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“The workers are a credit to the company name. I would highly recommend your company.”

—Joanne M. - Lancaster, PA

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3 Common Winter Pests in Central PA

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mouse rodent removal

Winter may not be a time of year that people equate to dealing with pests in their home. But the truth is, your home has everything you and pests need to survive and thrive: shelter, food, and water. As temperatures […]

Yellow Jackets – The Uninvited Guests

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yellow jacket

Do you plan on having an August or September cookout this year? When you are looking over your guest list, be aware that you will likely have uninvited, non-sociable, and unwanted visitors show up unannounced: yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are not […]

What’s Up with Emerald Ash Borer?

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Identifying and Eliminating EAB It can happen suddenly; that tree that provides a lot of quality shade for the back patio looks sick. The canopy isn’t as full as it once was, and it’s losing leaves at the top. What’s […]

Why DIY Pest Control Might Not Work With Ants

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carpenter ants

Ants can be a major annoyance to homeowners, and no species of ant can be more annoying than the odorous house ant. A colony of odorous house ants can grow to contain many thousands of ants and has multiple queens. […]

How to Identify Common Winter Household Pests

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Pests are a nuisance that are annoying, create damage, and gross out you and your family. During winter months, many pests will enter your home seeking food and warmth. That’s why many homeowners turn to a pest control service in […]

2 Popular Stink Bug Myths – Debunked!

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You’ve experienced this before: the horror of finding a stink bug in your Lancaster area home, the fear of not knowing how it got in, and the rush as you try to get rid of it before it can smell […]

7 Signs You’re Hiring the Wrong Pest Control Company

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choosing a pest control company

Pest control services are not typically an item that people take a particularly long time to research. Property owners find ants on the counter, get bit up by mosquitoes, or find mouse droppings and take the first reasonable price with […]

Flea & Tick Control and your Lawn: Does it Work?

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As a company that offers pest control services (or exterminators, using older terminology) and lawn care services, we get a lot of requests to spray lawns for fleas. Many lawn care companies offer Flea & Tick Control treatments which they […]

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