Ants 03Just because it’s cold outside and winter is upon us, doesn’t mean you can’t end up with ant activity in your home or commercial space. Ants will often locate their colonies nearby structures for a number of reasons. The underside of concrete slabs and within crawl spaces are a common place to find ant colonies. The ambient heat of the structure keeps the soil underneath warmer, and these spots allow for year-round activity. Just yesterday, in the middle of December here in Lancaster, PA, we had a homeowner call in complaining of ants all over his kitchen counters. Obviously, they didn’t get the note about hibernating for the winter.

142_Quality Pro LogoIn early winters like this one of 2012, when there isn’t a hard-freeze, ant activity will continue. As the soil temperature typically drops rapidly, ants will become sluggish, barely moving until temperatures rise in the spring. Ant activity within a home or commercial space can be a problem in these mild winters, since colonies may have exhausted their stored food sources, foraging out into kitchens and other areas for sustenance.

Try your best to eliminate the ant buffets. Whenever possible, keep stored foods (even pet food) in air-tight plastic containers. Not only will this keep you and Fido’s food fresh, but it will reduce the likelihood of ant activity. Should you still find ants within your home or commercial building, call a pest management company that can perform the necessary ant control treatments.

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