japanese beetles on leafDo you have Roses or other trees & shrubs on your property that get eaten up by beetles in the summer? Do you have Hemlock trees with Wooly Adelgid? Do you have Tulip Poplars or Magnolias that get scale in the summer? Do you have Ash trees your are trying to protect from Emerald Ash Borer? If so, applying a systemic soil injection of Merit® could become these plants’ best friend!

Merit® (imidacloprid) has been around for years now, but its benefit to certain trees and shrubs continues to increase with new uses each year. This material is systemic. It gets applied at the root zone of each plant and is taken up by the plant as they pull in water. Merit ® will remain within the plant and leaf tissue throughout the growing season and even years on some cases, which is why it makes it such an effective insecticide for certain pests.

Merit Injection for Ash TreeApplications of Merit have many advantages. One advantage of an injection is that spraying is greatly reduced for certain pests, which reduces exposure to insecticides. Because it is a systemic material, it has preventative properties. Instead of waiting until there is a problem on a particular plant, the material is ready inside to be taken in by certain feeding pests. In the example of Japanese Beetles, we have seen up to a 90% reduction in damage to these plants, when compared to an identical plant within yards away!

There are a few formulations of Merit available to the consumer now. We have witnessed these applications with some success, but also unfortunate failure in others. A lot of factors are involved in properly delivering the right amount of this material to the target plant. If you do attempt to apply Merit ® yourself to your plants, do so in strict accordance to the directions on the product label.

certified arboristYou may decide this type of work is something you cannot or will not want to do. When applying this material to a high number of shrubs or to large trees, you may choose to find a Certified Arborist or Professional Tree Care Company to do this for you. Be sure they have lots of experience with using this product and can explain the procedure of the application and also communicate the expectations of control.

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